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Where in the world is Colin Baker Mac version – Getting Closer

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Titanium Bunker is now in the possession of a lovely Mac Mini purchased through the wonder that is Ebay. I’m writing this post using it.

The seller lived just round the corner – which is convenient, and was really helpful in talking me through setting it up.  I will say this for Apple – the Macintosh is certainly intuitive.  I’m up and running ins literally minutes.

Dave’s going to start looking at the Mac version – probably after the weekend – it may even be the weekend – I popped my head round the art studio door, and there was like a total mess of pastels and charcoal.  It looked like n explosion in a paint factory.  Apparently he was working on some Hoo on Who artwork – which is always cool.  I’m just grateful we have the service droid to clean it up, because I certainly would like to do it.