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Where in the world is Colin Baker Mac version – Getting Closer

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Titanium Bunker is now in the possession of a lovely Mac Mini purchased through the wonder that is Ebay. I’m writing this post using it.

The seller lived just round the corner – which is convenient, and was really helpful in talking me through setting it up.  I will say this for Apple – the Macintosh is certainly intuitive.  I’m up and running ins literally minutes.

Dave’s going to start looking at the Mac version – probably after the weekend – it may even be the weekend – I popped my head round the art studio door, and there was like a total mess of pastels and charcoal.  It looked like n explosion in a paint factory.  Apparently he was working on some Hoo on Who artwork – which is always cool.  I’m just grateful we have the service droid to clean it up, because I certainly would like to do it.

New From Titanium Bunker- Where In the World Is Colin Baker?

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Listening to the 20MB doctor who podcast episode 15 I was inspired when Adam couldn’t find his Colin Baker dolly-  Sorry I mean posable action figure into making a short game about the search for said action figure

So now after literally 3 days of development, The titanium Bunker is proud to announce its first software release.

‘Where in the World is Colin Baker’ is an action packed, high octane game with more twists and turns than a twisty-turny-thing. Well, its a lot like battleships, but its still fun to play 🙂

Where in the World is Colin Baker Screenshot2Where in the World is Colin Baker Screenshot2

Grab it here.