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Idea for UI improvement for @AncestryUK

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Adding children through simple gesture (drag down)

Adding children through simple gesture (drag down)


I was completing an Ancestry customer satisfaction survey, when they asked the question :

“What suggestions would you give to improve the website?”

So I thought about it.  I’ve realised that the further back in time you go when researching family trees, the more children and siblings there tends to be.  So a lot of time will be spent adding children to parents or siblings to individuals.  I believe that ancestry could improve the UI for adding children, and here’s how.

The easiest way to add a relative is to

  • Find the person
  • Click on the person
  • Select Add relative.
  • This then prompts you to add a brother, sister, spouse or child.

I believe this could be streamlined to clicking on the marker point in the marriage line and dragging

  • Down to create a child (the parents are those defined in the marriage)
  • Perhaps diagonally down left / right to create male / female children.  Maybe even dragging up for information about the marriage event?


Suggested Drag children option

Suggested Drag children option – drag into the blue section for a boy, pink for a – well you get the idea.

This gesture based control system could be extended to add siblings (drag the user left to add a sister, right to add a brother) or to swap individuals where the wrong individual has been assigned to an event.

This reduces the number of clicks required for the fairly common operation of adding a child, or sibling, and the idea of dragging the marriage marker to create children also seems to to quite nicely into the operation of the site through a mobile or touch based interface – which seems all the rage these days. 


Researching the family…

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I’ve started looking at the family tree. It all started when Dad was contacted by one of the heir hunter companies.  Through that contact he got a copy of the family tree, so using that as a base, I started trying to fill in some of the blanks, and adding in some of the missing people… like me and Dave. 

GRAMPS is an open source genealogical application which I have been using to store my relatives. I managed to set up  Ubuntu one integration so that the gramps database synchronized between the netbook and the laptop. If I make a change on the netbook it appears on the laptop, which allows me to update the tree from almost anywhere.  I plan to also allow the tree to be shared between myself and Dave, and i’ll document the process after the network here in the bunker is fixed… we’re currently running on a slow link, but the engineer is booked in for Saturday.