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Got me a phone!

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I decided yesterday to go and join the ‘real’ world and upgrade my crappy motorolla pebl for something with a little more oomph.  so I’ve gone and got a HTC Wildfire on T Mobile.  I popped into Phones 4 U, and the pressure selling began.  The sales assistant asked if I had 10-15 minutes to spare, and over an hour later I walked from the shop.

My initial quote from Orange was HTC Desire 800 mins, Unlimited text and Internet… £25

I’d been an orange customer for the best part of 8 years,and to be honest I’d never had a problem with the service they offered – it was just that T Mobile was cheaper and is effectively the same company anyway.

What dissapointed me the most was the fiasco of getting the phone in the first instance.  Visiting the phone store was so complicated, and it surprises me that so many people put up with the crappy service they get there.  It took them over an hour to try and get me on a tarrif that T Mobile offered, and after an hour, multiple phone calls to some mythical head office I left with a tarrif that was more expensive than the tarrif I was originally offered.  They sweetened the deal by giving me £90 for my old pebl, but this sort of behaviour does raise alarm bells in my head…

  1. The tariff offered by T Mobile was not instantly available
  2. The tariff I eventually got, wasn’t the tariff that was offered initially
  3. The tariff initially offered did not take into account the part exchange on the pebl.
  4. I never got to choose the colour of my phone – it’s white… I wanted graphite or grey.
  5. It took over an hour – Would I have been better to just go to a T-Mobile store?
  6. For a phone company there was a lot of loud shouty people.  I would have thought a company that is selling communication would have a better internal communication system in place than can be seen Saturday night down the boozer.
  7. Despite me saying that it was a major issue, I had to port my own number from Orange.

What I walked out with was a wildfire, 300 mins, 3000 texts and unlimited (500mb) internet.

Am I happy with the phone I got?  I think so.  It’s difficult coming from a PAYG custom basis to a contract basis.  I have no benchmark to look at.

I’m not so happy with the colour, but it ticks my major boxes..

  • Runs Android
  • Cheap Monthly running cost
  • internet access

This – to me – seems an ideal package coming from a PAYG environment.  Perhaps Orange would have liked to offer me a similar deal?  I would have probably taken it.