Evil geniuses and world domination are 2 of our goals... we also like Dr Who

Captain America’s Blue Pants

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I’ve been working on a number of projects for the bunker – I’ve been working on adding chapter support for Audio Book generation and working with python, pygame and tiled.  All of the previous photos were taken in titanium bunker R&D office – but these photos were taken in the titanium bunker catering unit – I decided to take a break from development of bunker systems, and have a go at painting. And drinking coffee.

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Captain America’s been torn apart – now He’s a court jester with a broken heart



It’s cheesy to quote Guns N Roses lyrics – but the current state of our first avenger does indeed look like he’s been torn apart.

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Assemble Avengers

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About 2-3 weeks ago I was walking with Rach through Merry Hill, when we spotted that the ModelZone store there was closing down.  So on a whim, I went in and
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