Evil geniuses and world domination are 2 of our goals... we also like Dr Who


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The Titanium Bunker was setup in 2009, initially as a joke. Due to our work providing tech support and artwork for the Doctor who podcast Hoo on Who, it was joked that we spent all their time in a Titanium Bunker doing tech stuff.

However, since then the site has changed. We still do tech support and artwork for Hoo on who but they have also started blogging about tech issues, art, Progamming and Open source software amongst other things



Mike is the programmer in the bunker. He writes software for a shaddowy software house in Worcester. He works mainly in .NET and python, but equally has found himself having to support different technologies such as MAXScript and .NET integration. spending most of his time working on his passion of content packaging, and is currently working on an ebook authoring system for Ubuntu.

Although he is the main programmer on the site he doesn’t do much with regard to writitng games



Dave is the artist in the bunker doing artwork for Hoo on Who and working in the games industry.

Dave writes small games about doctor who or news stories . Mike helps him to bug fix and rationalise his code.

Dave is interested in shortform animation and is currently producing an animated short story which he hopes will form the bassis of his 2013 oggcamp presentation