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Gallifrey Android Application

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I love Linux.  There, I’ve said it.  So imagine how stoked I am about the possibility of a Linux mobile phone.  And what with Dave going off to Gallifrey next year I started thinking…..

“I wonder if it is possible to write an application for people visiting Gallifrey”.

Here’s what I’ve come up with :

I’ve come up with a new twist based on a rather old technology.  RSS feeds.  I plan to start looking at creating Syndication feeds that describe an event rather than news or rich content.  This had the advantage that the event information would be visible in existing news readers, and would be an established standard.  It also has the advantage of supplying a single file to describe an event or series of events, and potentially portable to other operating systems (for example Windows).

I envisage a system where you point your android phone at an event feed.  You can then express an interest in any of the activities identified within.  Sharing an event is as simple as sharing a URL, and if an activity changes then the feed changes.  If you compare the current version with the previous version you can determine what changed and bring that the users attention.

You’ll probably notice that I’ve used 2 terms here – events and activities.  I think it might be an idea to lay out a taxonomy or definition to prevent any confusion.


Term Definition
Event Feed RSS file extended and modified to include event information
Event A event – for example Gallifrey
Activity A Smaller unit – An Event feed may expose multiple activities
Event Code QRCode of the Titanium Bunker RSS FeedThe Address of an EventFeed, expressed as a QRCode.  Qrcodes can be read mobile phones and decoded to allow feed addresses to be shared by merely taking a photo of the code.

It’s probably going to take some work, but I’ll document my findings here.

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