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Packaging Linux Reality

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The Linux Reality podcast produced a little over 100 episodes during it’s 2 year existence.  The podcast featured content covering topics as diverse as servers through to desktops and everything in between.

The episodes exist on Archive.org, but the plan for Whobuntu is to create a package of linux reality content with descriptions covering the content.

Software centre provides a mechanism by which this content can be found.  Therefore if a user were to search in software centre for DNSMasq then they would be able to find the package – but equally importantly they would be able to locate the episode of Linux Reality with a review and discussion of DNS Masq and some of the alternatives.

Using Software centre you would be able to locate the package Gnumeric, but you would also be able to locate the Episode 23 of LR where Chess Giffin talked about Gnumeric.

How to package static content.

To start with the Linux Reality content was downloaded from archive.org.  To make it easy a script was developed which automatically downloaded all the episodes via wget

Get Linux Reality episodes from Archive.org
6.6 KiB

The process to then package a podcast is as follows :

  1. Execute the getlr script to retrieve all episodes of Linux reality.
  2. Create a tarball of all the episodes by executing tar -cvf linuxreality_0.1.tar.gz *.ogg


I then created a tar.gz file containing the episodes. I created a Linux reality folder. Named the same as the tarball I created earlier. From here I ran dh_make and a standard package folder was set up for me. The longest most time consuming job during this process was to index all the episodes. Luckily archive.org had all the original notes which I was able to cut and paste into the control file.

The next question was whether a package is installed for everyone, or just the current user. Daniel Hollenbach confirmed that a package is installed at the system level. This makes supporting a multiuser system more complicated, as Linuxreality would show as installed. The next question was whether new users should have it installed as part of the new user process. My thoughts on that are that we should only be providing what is asked for.If I install linuxreality then I shouldn’t mess with other users music?

To that end I created a postinst script. This executes once the package is installed. The purpose of this script is to create a link between /etc/share/linuxreality and ~/Music/LinuxReality.


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