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Packaging an Album for Ubuntu

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 sudo apt-get install build-essential devscripts ubuntu-dev-tools debhelper dh_make diff patch cdbs

For upload to launchpad you’ll need a gpg key.


  1. Download the Nightmares by design album from http://www.severedfifth.com
    1. wget http://audio.lugradio.org/severedfifth/nightmaresbydesign/severedfifth-nightmaresbydesign-2010-ogg.zip
  2. Re-package just the content in a tar.gz file – called severed severedfifth_nightmaresbydesign-2010.orig.tar.gz
    1. unzip severedfifth-nightmaresbydesign-2010-ogg.zip
    2. tar -cvf severedfifth-nightmaresbydesign-2010.orig.tar.gz severedfifth-nightmaresbydesign-2010-ogg.zip
  3. make a folder names the same as the tar file (minus the .orig.gz part) severedfifth_nightmaresbydesign-2010
  4. from the severedfifth_nightmaresbydesign-2010 folder, issue the dh_make command.
    • Select single
    • Press enter
  5. Edit the Control file.
    • Set the section – I chose sound
    • set the priority – for this build  chose optional
    • Update the packager name (if required) and website addresses.
    • Add any description elements – in my example I took the blurb from the website.
    • Add a package for each track to be packaged.
  6. Edit the Copyright file
    1. Update the packager name (if required) and website addresses.
    1. Update the upstream author(s) and email addresses
    2. Update the upstream licence information
    3. Update your licence
  7. Update Changelog
    1. Update the packager name (if required).
    2. Change unstable to an ubuntu release ‘animal’ – for example maverick
    3. Update the change log line – typically for new packages I leave it as  * Initial release.
  8. Update README.source – or delete it if nothing is applicable
  9. Update README.debian – or delete it if nothing is applicable
  10. Delete *.ex files from the folder

Building the source package :

issue the command

debuild -S

to build a deb issue the command

sudo pbuilder --build severedfifth.nightmaresbydesign_2010-1.dsc

the resulting deb file wll be in /var/cache/pbuilder/result


Uploading to Launchpad

Uploading large files can cause problems with lauchpad – there is a work around noted here.







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