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Microsoft ASP.NET MVC Free On-Demand Training

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I’m learning ASP.NET MVC, so when Microsoft sent the following tweet :

I thought -‘cool – let’s have a go and see what they’re offering’. I visited the course and had a go at the assessment, and I was surprised to fail on the following question :


So the question was :

You create an ASP.NET application by using Visual Studio. Which core references can you add to the solution? Choose all that apply.


Web Forms

Coded UI Tests


My thoughts were that “you can add a reference to almost anything”, so all of these should be correct.  But apparently not.  So I thought I’d test what references you can add to the solution.

Technically, a solution can’t have references – so to be 100% correct, the answer should be to click none of the options.


Assuming that this is a typo issue, I create a blank asp.net application.  In the lower half of this dialogue is section detailing the folders and core references that can be added to the project.

New ASP.NET Project

I would argue that adding a reference through the New ASP.NET Project dialog presents a short hand – If I were to create an ASP.NET application, and forget to add Unit Tests, I can always add the Unit Tests reference in later using the Add References dialog.

Coded UI tests.

I think it’s fair to say that I can’t add a Coded UI through New project dialog – however it is possible to add a reference to a CodedUI project to the solution.  Here’s a screen shot showing as ASP.NET project, with a Coded UI project in the solution, and a reference to that project from the ASP.NET project.

CodedUI referenced from ASP.NET Project

So where’s the problem?

I think this is probably a badly worded question.  The original wording suggests that you have created an application, and then you are adding references to it.  I think that (and I’m assuming here as I don’t know what the ‘correct’ answer is) the suggestion that a CodedUI test is not something that can be referenced places the idea that CodedUI tests aren’t appropriate here – and I’m not sure that I agree with that approach from Microsoft.  I think that CodedUI tests offer an ability to test the functionality of an application, from a more “Front End” point of view.


I think the question would probably be best re-worded as :

When creating an ASP.NET Application, what Core References are available?

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