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All the gear and some idea

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We’re off the the Raspberry Pi Birthday party at the end of the month, and I’m really looking forward to it.  Raspberry Pi is 3 this year, so there should be lots of party games, and Jelly and Ice cream – so what’s not to like.

In an effort to continually polish the content that we produce, we’ve splashed some cash for some new AV equipment – well Audio equipment anyway.

We did an interview with PepperTop Comics back at OggCamp, and it was our first interview – but it didn’t really look as professional as I would have liked it to look.  There were a number of things that were wrong with it :


  • Preparation – We didn’t prepare.  We thought we could have a chat, film it and bash it out on line.
  • The camera work was less than great, not helped by a lack of tripod
  • The audio quality wasn’t great

Well – we’re going to try to hit all three of these issues for Raspberry Pi’s 3rd Birthday.   Dave already has a tripod, so hopefully the camera work should be less shaky, and allow us to frame it better.  And Dave has already started writing up questions for interviews. Today the latest investment in TB Tech turned up :


New Microphone

New Microphone


First up – a new Microphone. the last video recorded used the internal microphone from the Camcoder, and while this was fine – it could have been better.








Voice Recorder

Voice Recorder




Next – A small 8 gig Mp3player/Voice Recorder. it has a 6.5 mm microphone socketand comes with a lapel mic It also connects directly to a computer via USb which also charges it.







audio connector

m.3mm to 6.35mm monos socket



Finally – a 3.5 mono to 6.35mm mono adapter Which should allow us to connect the mic to the voice recorder  and put it in a pocket while we record






The plan is, that the recorder will record out voices, which will be synched up the video from the camera. In order for it to synch, we will need a clapperboard to create a synchronisation event. does Dave have one I wonder?

Lights, Camera,OWCH!










AW YEAH HE DOES! this should be an interesting weekend filming at the raspberry pi birthday bash- If you are there and you see us, why not say ‘hi’ we might even interview you too 😀


In case you are interested, Here’s our interview with Pepper top:




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