New year weight loss – Hopkins style

Well a new year is on us and as usual,  we are beset by advertisements for gym membership to lose the pounds piled on over the Christmas period. Against this backdrop, opinionated twitter user and non-winner of the apprentice, Katie Hopkins has decided to teach the nation that weight loss is easy and that idle fat people so simply have to move more and eat less.

In order to back up her claims that she, as an expert nutritionist, have made, she then proceeded to gain a load of weight  in order to show how easy it is to lose.

Well at the bunker, we love looking at data, especially if there is a chance of a bar chart or two (we at the bunker love a graph)

So let’s look at the facts shall we?
Katie’s staring weight was 8st 13lb (56.7kg). she planned to gain 4 stone and over a period of went up to 11st 13lb (75.7kg) according to an interview on BBC radio 2 an equivalent of a quarter of her bodyweight.

A quarter of Katie’s starting weight is 14.175 kg if she had gained 25% of her body weight then her final weight would have been 70.875kg

BMI analysis

Despite my own personal misgivings of the BMI system and mistrust that a system used to analyse the weight/height relations of a population of people being used to judge individuals. Let’s look at Katie’s BMI at the start of the experiment shall we?

On Katie’s wiki page her height is 1.7 meters and has her age as 39 (I know, I thought she was much older too) I put that information into NHS bmi calculator
And it looks like Katie has a BMI of 19.6

It also says that her healthy weight range is 8st 6lbs to 11st 6lbs

The weight was put on over a period of 90 days with a daily Calore Intake of 6,500 Calories and To do this Katie was pretty much continually eating.

When Katie finished the weight gain part of her experiment, her BMI was 26.2 a healthy BMI should be below 25 she was classed as overweight. How much would she need to lose to get a healthy BMI ? A little over 8lb will bring her BMI down to a healthy level.

In order to put on this weight Katie had to travel to America to put the pounds on . it seems that Katie had great difficulty putting on weight in the UK. This is where Katie’s central message seems to become a little unfocused. The original argument that Katie puts forward are that fat people are lazy and feckless. However with minimal resources people in the UK are the second fattest in the world. And we do it without having to jump on a plane to America . surely jumping on a plane and flying to a load of buyer joints in America is a lazy way of getting fat?

Katie then lost all the weight she put on to really nail her central message across that losing weight is easy right? well, turns out she finished the experiment 11 pounds heavier than at the start meaning her final weight was 9st 10 lb  and she ended up with a BMI of  which is pretty much nice in the centre for her.


1. Katie didn’t actually put on that much weight, She was underweight to begin with  at her heaviest she was 8lb overweight.  the title of her show is misleading, as she was never fat you could argue a little overweight, but hardly obese right? maybe the show should have been called ‘my average weight story’

2 Katie didn’t slim down to her original weight, which proves it’s not that easy losing weight. especially if you are losing weight for a specific deadline – in this case 24 weeks for the show(12 to put on the weight, 12 to take off the weight)

3. even with the residual weight gain, Katie’s current weight was healthy.

4. Katie’s central argument was a little unfocused, if anything she had to put some serious effort and some air-miles into piling on the 3 stone

5. Katie’s weight loss regime apparently consisted of running three times a week for an hour , doing 20,000 steps a day and eating only when hungry, about 1,500 calories a day. which if we are talking about skipping meals and fasting can not be a good thing.

lest look at those steps shall we?

if we assume that the average step is say, 32 inches and there are 5280 feet in a mile, there are 1980 steps in a mile so 20,000steps is roughly the equivalent of 10 miles. the average human walks about 3mph so in order to walk these 20,000 steps a day Katie would have to walk for 3 hours a day.  and lets say an hour for a run 3 times a week, Katie is essentially exercising for 24 hours in a week, roughly 3 hours a day presumably an hour walk before work, an hour walk during lunch (skipping lunch) and an hour in the evening – and an hour Run crowbarred in there too.  Presumably her family are fine with her not being there

6. Enough of this vile woman already!

So ultimately Katie Hopkins ended up approximately 6lbs overweight and then lost the weight before returning to an end weight of 9st 10 lb
Which is probably the same story many people have in the new year. I generally put on about a half stone over the Christmas holidays. Before losing a couple of months later. I know it’s not all lost quickly but then I don’t have a TV show to sell.