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Idea for UI improvement for @AncestryUK

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Adding children through simple gesture (drag down)

Adding children through simple gesture (drag down)


I was completing an Ancestry customer satisfaction survey, when they asked the question :

“What suggestions would you give to improve the website?”

So I thought about it.  I’ve realised that the further back in time you go when researching family trees, the more children and siblings there tends to be.  So a lot of time will be spent adding children to parents or siblings to individuals.  I believe that ancestry could improve the UI for adding children, and here’s how.

The easiest way to add a relative is to

  • Find the person
  • Click on the person
  • Select Add relative.
  • This then prompts you to add a brother, sister, spouse or child.

I believe this could be streamlined to clicking on the marker point in the marriage line and dragging

  • Down to create a child (the parents are those defined in the marriage)
  • Perhaps diagonally down left / right to create male / female children.  Maybe even dragging up for information about the marriage event?


Suggested Drag children option

Suggested Drag children option – drag into the blue section for a boy, pink for a – well you get the idea.

This gesture based control system could be extended to add siblings (drag the user left to add a sister, right to add a brother) or to swap individuals where the wrong individual has been assigned to an event.

This reduces the number of clicks required for the fairly common operation of adding a child, or sibling, and the idea of dragging the marriage marker to create children also seems to to quite nicely into the operation of the site through a mobile or touch based interface – which seems all the rage these days. 



One Response to “Idea for UI improvement for @AncestryUK”

  1. Mr Ed says:

    how about illegitamate children? for that to work you would need to select both parents then drag. in stead of that how about this:

    right click to create a child node a child node has two in comming connections for parents you then drag lines to connect the child to its parents.

    this might need looking at though, what about a child whos parents are 2 gay men , born by a surrogate and donor sperm? in effect there are 2 biological parents and 2 physical parents.

    And also what about recent german legislation that allows for IVf using 3 donors to help cure congenital diseases?