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Recording an album under linux

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Way back, in this post, I looked at the possibility of distributing albums using the Ubuntu packaging process.  Let’s assume that you have recorded all of your tracks using Ardour.  you should be able to apt-get source ALBUM to retrieve the ardour source files for the album, and when you check in the files the package is rebuilt and the binary packages are recompiled.  So – how do you recompile an album?

Well – I think we need to qualify what is a album.  An album is a collection of songs – but it could be argued that we should be supporting a single song rather than a whole album.  This would allow users to create a mix tape album by creating a metapackage that refers to the other album tracks.  So – our smallest element of work is a song, and a song is an ardour project.  Therefore altering a song should rebuild that song.  How do you run Ardour on the server if there is no sound card on the server, and can you be sure that the referred plugins will be available?


Idea :

RESULT : An invisible Ardour session, and an exported MP3 file (or ogg)

I’ll update this blog when I find out how successful that could be.


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