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Installing Bluetooth Presenter on Ubuntu – if you’re coming to OggCamp this might be useful…

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Dave has just installed PresenterServer on his laptop – but here’s some of the steps we had to go through to get it to work:

  1. Extract the tag.gz file – no great shakes here, but running the installation script can only really be done from the terminal.  Attempting to “Execute in terminal” just presented a black screen.  I think the script was waiting for the sudo password to progress – but it’s not obvious.
  2. I had to install a Java run time – a quick sudo apt-get install default-jre soon had me rocking a JRE – Dave already had a JRE running, so didn’t have to do anything here.
  3. On executing I received the obscure message that the BlueCove library bluecove was not available.  Installing required the following : sudo apt-get install libbluetooth-dev
  4. Dave ran it – it worked.

Now to many of us in the linux community this may be simple items to fix – but present users with those sort of issues and it becomes much more difficult for the average to simply install software.  This is why I personally found it surprising that this project is not available from the Software-centre – the phone app required is available from the Android Marketplace.


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