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kolorswatch 1.0

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I have been working a lot with .net recently and as part of that I have been colouring .net controls. You could, if you like, use paint or photoshop or an online color picker like Colorpicker.com to find a colour you like and use its rgb values to colour the control. Or you can use the pre-defined colours to quickly color the control.

Thing is the predefined colours have names like BlanchedAlmond or DodgerBlue . I have no idea what they look like or more importantly how well they could work together.

So I have knocked up a little .net pallette app to help. :

the Kolorswatch window

simply move the mouse over the swatch to find out what its called. I plan to add other functionality like getting RGB, HEX or ordering colours, putting them in a workable order, from hot reds down through the lilacs,and then beyond into the ultramarine (oh yeah, I just quoted the Boosh!)

You can download it here:



Kolorswatch 1.0
Kolorswatch 1.0
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