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SousChef: Recipe creator for windows

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I like cooking, so, when the muse takes me, I will often attempt new recipes.  I use an android App Called Bites to store recipes. The main advantage of this is that there is a companion app called Trolly which can read in the ingredient lists as a shopping list.

So far so good. However I have a whole bunch of free recipe cards that you can collect from outside supermarkets. and instead of them sitting on my bookshelves, taking up space or worse still, being thrown away without trying it, what would be great, would be if there was a way to get these recipes into Bites.

This is where SousChef comes in. SousChefis a windows application that will create recipe files in a format that Bites can understand. The way I tend to use it is to make the recipe file on my desktop and then mail it to myself. It will appear in the inbox on my phone which I can then open it into Bites.

This is a V1.0 release. I will be making alterations to the code ,  but right now it works

The main Ui for SousChef

The main UI for SousChef

zesty prawns in BITES

zesty prawns in BITES


more information about Bites can be found here

more information about Trolly can be found here



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