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Mike’s 2012 Predictions

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Science & Technology :

  • Ubuntu Phone / Table will emerge – may not be a massive immediate success
  • SOPA Bill won’t pass – I think it will be rejected in it’s current form, as support for it seems to be dwindling (recent GoDaddy withdrawl of support for SOPA etc)
  • I think that Oracle will drop Java totally – they’ve just retired the distributor licence, and they’re next looking to use OpenJDK going forwards.

Entertainment & Arts

  • Ricky Gervais will continue to annoy me because he is who he is.
  • More rubbish shows such as x factor / TOWIE
  • GhostRider Spirit of Vengace will powerful suck.
  • People will realize that dubstep is overrated.
  • Avengers will be amazing.
  • Unexpected breakthrough film will be Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)


  • I’m going to have a great time at my Zombie training weekend and will probably end up ‘accidentally’ shooting rach 🙂


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