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2011 Predictions and What’s instore for 2012

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Back in Jan 1st, I submitted the following predictions for 2011

  • There will be 2 releases of Ubuntu
  • Ogg Camp 11 will rock!
  • We will release at least 2 games this year
  • QR Codes will be more prevalent and feature in TV and print adverts
  • The British olympic bid’s cost will continue to rise.
  • Cowboys vs UFOs will be a summer box office smash.
  • Thor will ROCK!

Well – Let’s see what I got right…

There will be 2 releases of Ubuntu

Yup – this prediction is a dead cert. Indeed this year Canonical released Natty Narwhal and Oneric Ocelot, and I am happilly running 11.10 (ocelot) on desktop, laptop and netbook.

This prediction : Correct


OggCamp11 will rock

Again – this is a dead cert.  I have enjoyed OggCamp since the start.  To me it has been a revelation about what the community can deliver. I learn so much about technology and people, and the talks and material leave me feeling empowered.  To be fair I also attended the SharePoint Saturday event in Birmingham, and it was good to hear about the developments, but there was never the same feeling of ownership.  With OggCamp there is the feeling that “I could help out with that”.  As if to build on that, I found the most interesting aspects of Sharepoint Saturday to be related to extending SharePoint with JQuery.  I totally get what the rest of the community say about it being a social event – I hope to get more social benefit from it in the future.

This year marked a big step forward for us – we managed to present a talk on content packaging.  So far my message of packaging content for Linux doesn’t seem to have resonated fully with the community.  Hopefully I can create some more compelling user stories in 2012.

This prediction : Correct


We will release at least 2 games this year

Well – this year we released PPPC – My plan to release the simple Dalek game seems to have stalled – this is a testament to just how busy I ended up towards the end of the year.  In the last few months I have been implementing a new imaging solution at work, to add document retrieval and display into the main Line of Business application.


I’ll double my efforts, and try to get Dalek finished.

This prediction : Failed 🙁


QR Codes will be more prevalent and feature in TV and print adverts

I think this prediction has been born out – I even managed to find QR codes on display stands in Marks and Spencer’s during Halloween.  I do wonder about the practicalities of QRCodes on TV and video media.

This prediction: Partially correct


The British olympic bid’s cost will continue to rise.

Back in the start of December gave us the news that all but £36m of the £9.3bn olympic budget will be spent.  Security concerns also prompted an increase in security costs from £271m to £553m, and the Prime Minister also gave the go ahead to double the costs of the opening and closing ceremonies from 40m to £81m – all this in a time of recession, as an “investment to ‘drive the maximum benefit for the economy and for tourism'”.

Given that the budget has already grown at least once – back in 2007, I don’t see any possibility that it will ever go over budget, as they’ve moved the goalposts once, there’s little to stop them doing it again.

This prediction: Correct


Cowboys vs UFOs will be a summer box office smash.

Let’s face it – it flopped didn’t it? let’s not dwell on it…

This prediction: Incorrect

Thor will ROCK!

Thor indeed did rock – it was a great movie, and one that I think performed well, despite competing with the Harry Potter juggernaut



Mike Predicted the following :

Green Hornet will be rubbish

We had a bit of a conflab and we think this movie was rubbish.  http://www.rottentomatoes.com/m/green_hornet/ seems to back this up…

Green Lantern will also be rubbish

We also think that Green Lantern was also rubbish.

3D TV will continue to fail to be popular.

I think we’re on safe ground here to say that 3D TV has remained subbornly unpopular.  3D Cinema has seemed to plumet in popularity since Avatar : http://www.3dtvwatcher.co.uk/3d-tv-popularity-drops-2235/

Year of the linux desktop!

I’m claiming victory here – The last year has seen the introduction of the Gnome Shell based distros such as Fedora and the alternative – Unity – provided by Canonical’s Ubuntu distro.


So – who should the the Nostrodamus award go to?  Well – I’m (Mike) claiming the props here.  But, in reality there are no winners here – apart from me – mike – the winner




We’ll post our 2012 predictions at the start of the new year…

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