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Dalek Says…


So, Dave’s been ripping the perverbial out of me – as A programmer by trade I have (to date) contributed 0 games or utilities.  Dave on the other hand has done WITWICB, and PPPC, and has recently completed his own android companion app he calls Heston.

I won’t spill the beans about heston – I’ll leave that to dave….but all this gentle ribbing reminds  me of that episode of big bang theory (Series 4 Episode 08 – The 21 Second Excitation) where sheldon was quoting picard.

Not again…the line must be drawn here…This far, no farther.


So I am working on a python version of Simple Dalek.  The plan is to re-develop the entire think using pygame, and I’ll aim to update via this blog.



2 Responses to “Dalek Says…”

  1. Mr Ed says:

    Just out of interest, Where did you get the idea/design for the dalek game, and the assets? WHOOPAH!!!!

    • Mike says:

      Hi “Mr Ed” –

      Well the basic idea is based on the popular simon game – There was previous work on a flash version, but the actionscript behind it was too buggy…so I’m having a go at a re-write using python this time.

      I think there might even be the possibility of porting it to Android or Macintosh.