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Error message in the wild on @SLTGetActive mobile site.

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SLT mobile site Yellow screen of death.

SLT mobile site Yellow screen of death.

Just been shown this error message for Sandwell Leisure Trust’s Mobile website on Rach’s Mobile.

I was able to re-create the issue using the mobile address, in a desktop browser.

She even worked out how to recreate the issue.

  • Browse to http://m.slt-leisure.co.uk/
  • in the menu (Top Right) Click Activities
  • Search for Gyms – Notice that as you type there is a UI bug that leaves the “L” banner on the screen
  • Click on Gyms (this will also work with other activity types)
  • From the “All Centres” drop down click on any leisure centre.
  • Error shown.
"L" still shown

“L” still shown but has no content.

What is interesting is that the page here appears to be performing a post back – but there seems to be no real need to do so.  Information for all the relevant sites is already presented in the page.  Unless there is additional information there’s no reason why that couldn’t be added through an AJAX call.