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Loss of culture

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I’d like to try a thought experiment with you – dear reader.  Imagine that tomorrow you decide to go out and experience some culture.  As this is a thought experiment let’s also assume that money is no object, and that you have the resources to be able to accomplish this – I suppose the question is – what would you like to go and experience?

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Updating the Bunker Wireless

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MacGyver – Role Model for Software Developers supporting legacy systems

I’ve noticed recently that the Chromecast – situated in one of the upper floor habitation pods within the bunker – was getting pretty rubbish Wi-Fi reception.  Why would that be a problem – after all the bunker does have pretty good wired access.

Well the problem is that Chromecast features only a Wireless connection, meaning it has to talk to the main Wi-Fi hub, located 1 floor down – and with the hefty floors of the bunker, the signal has been somewhat lacking.  And this causes a problem when trying to watch MacGyver episodes on Netflix….  This sounds like a job for MikeGyver.

MikeGyver-1 MikeGyver-2

Belkin Share F7D3302 v1 router

Belkin Share F7D3302 v1 router

Just down from the Habitation pod in question, is my main office, and I recently decided that I needed to add more local area bandwidth, as I am currently running a couple of servers.  So I delved into my box-o-bits1 and found an old Belkin Share F7D3302 v1 router.

I was able to get this working locally, but the question was : How do i integrate it with the existing router?  To make this work the router would need to be configured as an Access Point.  To demonstrate this, I’ll draw a quick diagram here:

Titaniumbunker Network Diagram

Titaniumbunker Network Diagram


Configuring the Belkin router was easy.  It has an access point mode, which disables DHCP and firewalls.  I reserved a static IP address on the main router for the Belkin Access point.  The Belkin has a 4 port switch on the back which I connected one of the ports through to the main router and boom – I now had wired access.
The next challenge is relating to extending the wireless network to the upper floor, so that smart wireless devices can connect or switch access points.  Currently the wireless is deactivated for the office access point.
Access Point Channels

Access Point Channels

1All IT Professionals have a box-o-bits – Mine’s actually a set of plastic storage drawers.