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New podcast on HPR

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I’ve recorded an episode of HPR, and it’s out today!  In this episode I chat about my Ubuntu Ebook Template Project – I’m still battling with giving a voice to my ebooks but hopefully a wise HPR community member might be able to offer some advice.

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Why not record your own HPR episode.  It’s super fun and easy to do.  Head over to Hacker Public Radio and see how easy it is to contribute.


James Bond 00 fail

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While at the gym tonight, watching TV again, on ITV2 the treadmill was showing The World is Not Enough.  Anyway – I spotted the following security howler thanks to the talk that @__Freakyclown__ gave at oggcamp.

who out these cameras here?

who put these cameras here?

He’s ruined films for me now 😉




Netflix error spotted in the wild

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Netflix issue?

Netflix issue?

While searching through netflix, spotted this issue.

Nando-ing customer service right.

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So – last week Rachel and I popped to our local Nando’s restaurant.  I really enjoy the experience – I like the music, the decor – even down to the artwork on the menus – and the food is amazing – If you’re interested I’m more drawn to the Medium side of the perri-ometer – Rachel is more of a weakling and tends to opt for the Lemon & Herb.

The whole experience was great – so I told them so through nandos.co.uk/feedback.

I got a phone call from the manager of the store – they were happy to receive positive feedback, and they gave us a free meal.

We went there again tonight and had a fantastic meal  with great service.

So – thanks to David* and the team at Nando’s


*Sorry David – Forgot your surname.

PS : When we left the restaurant we commented – “Don’t you think that David bears a resemblance to Steven Moffat” – If you’re near Merry Hill pop over and see


Mike’s Predictions

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  • I think that the demise of Windows XP will drive customers not into the arms of windows 8.1, but rather into the hands of a Linux.  I think that PC gamers that typically relied on windows to play titles will move to SteamBox as a cheaper and more viable alternative to the Microsoft Behemoth.
  • Steam Box will be launched this year – it will off a compelling experience to gamers.
  • Google Glass won’t quite reach mainstream adoption – but will advance forwards.
  • The convergence model of Ubuntu will be released – an Ubuntu phone will be available making the Ubuntu experience available on desktop, laptop and tablet / phone.
  • The Ubuntu TV won’t be available this year.
  • Sales of the Surface Pro will not improve – the market for premium touch devices will dissolve as customer realise that the real proposition is cheaper commodity hardware and service delivering.
  • I predict more FLOSS conversion stories like Munich – the spiraling costs of maintaining proprietary software will lead cash strapped governments to follow in Munich’s footsteps and start to implement FLOSS software.


  • The Lego Movie Will be ace!
  • Robocop will be an interesting film that examines what makes us human – It will do well at the box office.
  • Muppets Most Wanted won’t have the same level of advertising that previous films has received.  Assuming that there is not a massive push – and as it’s due to be released in March there probably won’t be – it won’t be as successful as the Muppet Movie.
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be ace!
  • The Amazing Spiderman 2 will be a flop.  the failure of Sony to capitalise on the Spiderman licence will lead to the talk of Marvel re-aquiring the spiderman licence.
  • Despite all the excitement, Godzilla  remake will not make as much money at the box office as the original   (with inflation taken into account)
  • X-men: Days of future past: I think will perform well.
  • Transformers: Age of extinction will perform very badly at the box office.
  • Although the fans are excited by it, and Karen Gillan will be great, Guardians of the Galaxy will not do as well as Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will be a summer box office success – the kids will love it.

Rachel’s Predictions

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Film :

  • Book thief will be “the new hunger games”
  • 300 rise of an empire will be good – but not as good as the original 300.
  • Captain America – Winter Soldier will be really good and will take well at the box office.
  • Amazing Spiderman 2 will not do as well at the box office than the amazing spiderman
  • Godzilla will do very well at the box office – Dave is plain wrong when he suggests other wise.  It will spawn talk of other remakes and other sequels to Godzilla
  • X-Men – Days of Future Past will be excellent and will do well at the box office.
  • The Disney film “Maleficent” will do well in the box office – due to sheer volume rather than story.
  • The Children’s #1 film this year will be how to train your dragon 2.
  • Dawn of the planet of the Apes will be ace and will get reviews of 7+ /10
  • Guardians of the Galaxy and there will surely to be a sequel and a spin off – and it will take less than the original avengers.
  • Sin City a dame to die for will be really good.
  • Bombs for this year are  :  Transformers : Age of Extinction  and Teenage Mutant Teenage Turtles.
  • The Breaking box office will be Hunger games – Mocking Jay part 1
  • Noah will be a box office stinker.
  • Monuments men will be a surprise hit
  • Rassie will include : Vampire accademy and Nymphomaniac.

Daves Predictions for 2014

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First up apologies, but this years Nostradamus Award is cancelled. We forgot to actually make predictions. We never got round to actually getting our predictions down. And by the time we were free , it was too far into the year. But panic not dear reader, The secretary-bot responsible has been sent to re-purposing  and we’ve managed to organize a set of predictions.

First up let look at this year with the things that rocked / things that sucked nominations for 2014:

Things that Rocked:

Gallifrey 21013

A great start to the year. Miss Vicki and myself flew to Los Angeles and spent 3 frenetic days in the lower levels of the airport Marriott, Seeing Sylvester McCoy was an immensely emotional experience. I know people say, never to meet your heroes because it never measures , but I say Jog on cos it was AWESOME! It was also awesome to meet up with the rest of the Hoo on Who crew (I know I am now a Hooie, But I kind of like to think of myself as kind of an unofficial honorary member)

Doctor Who 50th anniversary special @ Vue Cambridge

Not my most favourite cinema but a once in a lifetime experience.

Zoo Tycoon

I was technical animator on this project and it was a such a fun project  a lot of games are frenetic events with late nights,  morale is a commodity that falls off rapidly during the production.  The previous project (Kinect Disneyland Adventure) was a very tough project and starting zoo Tycoon. I thought it would tough project. It was , but so well project managed that the whole thing was a joy.


I have started to learn Python. Its a great language and I think it will be a great for lots of different applications

New House

In a few days, Miss Vicki and I will be moving to a new annex in the bunker. Right now, a re-purposed secretary-bot is packing up a bunch of books. Its been a long process, getting all the ducks in a row . But now its

Memory of water

The Waterbeach Community Players  put on a production of The memory of water by Shelagh Stephenson. Miss Vicki player the role of Catherine,  and yours truly was the stage manager. After Panto, Miss Vicki and me will be taking a break from the stage while we move into our new place.

Things that Sucked:


There was a death this year of someone special to both Miss Vicki and myself. It cast a long shadow on the rest of the year. Even

House buying

I had to sell my old place, which was a fraught experience.  The whole experience of selling and buying and chains was emotionally draining. The only thing that kept us going was the thought of the new place.  It was only a period of about 3 months but it was 3 months we could have done without.

OK, without further ado, here are my predictions for 2014:


With the final demise of Windows XP. I think sales of Windows 7 will rocket. MIcrosoft will continue to make modifications  to Windows 8, adding more and more features to make it more like windows 7 in order to recapture a great many disenfranchised users who have a windows 8 laptop and cant figure out how to use the thing or spend all their time in desktop mode.

Sales of the Surface pro 2 will improve, but it will probably be the last such product that Microsoft will produce. Which is a shame, because with a built in Wacom digitiser, and stylus, the surface pro2 looks like a great device for drawing in.


  •     The Lego Movie Will be ace!
  •     Robocop remake will suck hard
  •     I don’t think the new Muppets movie will not be as good as the Muppets
  •     Captain America: The Winter Soldier will be ace!
  •     The Amazing spiderman 2 will be  OK
  •     Despite all the excitement, Godzilla  remake will not make as much money at the box office as the original   (with inflation taken into account)
  •     X-men: Days of future past: I think will be OK
  •     Transformers: Age of extinction will suck hard
  •     Although the fans are excited by it, and Karen Gillan will be great, Guardians of the Galaxy will not do as well as Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  •     Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will suck hard


  •     The Sochi winter Olympics will not be anywhere near as popular as previous winter Olympics – I for one will not be watching because I disagree with many of Russia’s policies (I don’t want to soapbox , so lets leave it at that eh?)
  •     The Winter Olympics will be overshadowed by security concerns and possibly a terrorist attack –  I hope I get this wrong but in the last week there has been 2 bomb attacks  400 miles from Sochi and I cant help think this is a precursor to yet more terror


  •     Despite UKIP’s assertions, We will not be knee deep in Romanians and Bulgarians, hell bent on trying to play the benefit system
  •     While we are talking about it, Nigel Farrages call to allow some Syrian refugees into the country will create schism in the party.
  •     The Scottish Independence referendum will be defeated


  •     Doctor Who will return with Peter Capaldi for a complete series, Steven Moffat will write fewer episodes for this series, signalling a scaling back of his involvement in the show before leaving after the Christmas special

Remote Viewing

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The Human Potential Movement that arose out the the late 1960’s was a catalysing force investigating the phenomenon of remote viewing.  The Stargate Project was an attempt to determine the military applications of psychic phenomena such as remote viewing.


But this article is absolutely nothing to do with that – this is about the ability to remotely view video’s on the various TV’s throughout the bunker.

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So – reading your books on Amazon…

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I bought a book from O’Reilly to try and assist in learning more c# goodness.  Anyway O’Reilly allow you to transfer your ebook to your kindle through the email address associated with your kindle.  This is great as the Oreilly site allows you DRM free access to your books in a variety of formats – from MOBI to even PDF.

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