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Sharing a book via PPA – now possible

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I have been working this evening on the sharing process for ebooks.  Tonight I managed to get a book to upload to launchpad and to make it available.  Currently it is a nonsense collection of pages, examining aspects of page layouts, and a copy of a 1 star rating for a review of a Steven King follow up to The ShiningDr Sleep

There is still work to do on the process – currently there needs to be a link made between the installation location (/usr/share/books) and the current user’s directory – but I have some scripts that should accomplish this that were developed as part of the content packaging for Severed Fifth’s Nightmares by design album.

There were a few dependencies that I had forgotten about, but a couple of retries and the process ran successfully.

Build time for the book took 2 minutes.

test2 ebook - as seen in the ubuntu Software Centre

test2 ebook – as seen in the ubuntu Software Centre

If you want to install the book yourself – add ppa:computa-mike/testbook to your ubuntu system’s software sources.

There’s a guide to adding a PPA to your software sources here.

The raring deb file can be found here.

I have also found a very interesting python library for epub, and I seem to be replicating much of the work that Aleksandar Erkalovi? is doing with this library – so I plan to replace my library with his, adding in any missing features back to the main library (if at all possible).  I think this would be the best approach as it reduces duplicated effort.

Christmas present from Rach

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Rach bought me this interesting ‘thing’ – ‘S’. It would be wrong to call this just a book. I understand that this is more of an experience. I’m going to write up our experience unraveling the mystery. Now I know that some readers may be reading this book, so I’ll try and keep the spoilers to a minimum.

hudl laptop?

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Today while shopping at Tesco, we spotted a bluetooth keyboard.  This keyboard is very reminiscent of the ‘dead flesh’ style keyboard that was present on the spectrum.  It was easy to set up with the hudl, and I was able to use the hudl and this keyboard like a standard desktop.  In fact – this very post was typed up using the keyboard and hudl combination.

Gingerbread man.

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This is my entry to the titaniumbunker christmas challenge – gingerbread man of the year

Gingerbread Gentleman

Gingerbread Gentleman

My entry features a monocle and what gingerbread gentleman would be complete without his red and white striped candy cane?



Error message spotted in the wild

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Citi bank choir

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I saw the __FreakyClown__ talk about physical penetration testing for buildings, and since then I’ve found myself looking at the buildings and CCTV around where I work and shop and so on.  Anyway while I was at the gym tonight while I was on the treadmill and it was one of those treadmills that have a TV screen, and it was showing The Choir : Sing While you work : Series 2 : Citi.  I didn’t have my headphones with me but I was able to see that programme, and I think that the fact that I was only viewing the programme I started to think about Citi group as a penetration testing challenge.  And it occurred to me that programs such as this might provide useful information for the penetration tester.
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