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Oh boy…

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Rach has been pushing herself too hard…

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Well that’s torn it – Rach has managed to rupture her achilles tendon.

Watch “Michael Winslow Car Alarm” on YouTube

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Tweet from Sarge…

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This is a post for the Sarge – Les Pounder  –

he tweeted :

Anyway – Here’s how I have used the OS system in Python as part of the Quickly Ebook Template system in the add chapter function.

chapterDirectory = os.path.join(ProjectFolder, "OEBPS/Text")

I used os.path.join to construct a path to a file.  This line takes the partial path variable ProjectFolder, and joins the OEBPS/Text folders to it.  Realistically I suppose I should have written this as follows :

chapterDirectory = os.path.join(ProjectFolder, "OEBPS","Text")

I now have a file name I can use with open, or whatever I need to use it with.

Les also clarified in a separate post :

Well – os.system is just taking a string input – so it should be possible to do something like this :

os.system('raspistill -o ' + VARIABLE)

Some of the other posters were referring to string.format.  A post on Stack Exchange provides quite a nice write up of string formatting under python.

something like this should work :

os.system('raspistill -o {var}'.format(var=VARIABLE))

Corn Maze WIN – Cheezburger

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Cool Maze…

This post hit my twitter stream from Wayne Myers

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