Evil geniuses and world domination are 2 of our goals... we also like Dr Who

Madrid demonstration

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Room in madrid – part 2

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Let’s hope i don’t have to go to work for any kind of emergency…

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Just checked my traffic widget, and google thinks it would take me 18 hours and 9 minutes driving time, but at least the traffic looks clear..

Our room in Madrid

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Tweet forwarded by @computa_mike

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As a blogger, Jono’s post is interesting, and something i’ll be trying for future posts.

ANALYSIS: ‘Snooping bill allows state to spy on us all’ | Cambridge News | Latest News Headlines From Cambridge City & Cambridgeshire | National News By Cambridge News

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Tweet from Lord Sugar

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I was only a school child during the 80’s so my experience of the actions was and is somewhat limited. Here’s what i remember.

  • Falklands war
  • Being terrified that the Russians would drop a nuke on us
  • Mines closing
  • I don’t recall the milk at school being stopped – Wasn’t she known as Maggie Thatcher, milk snatcher?

I would be seriously interested in hearing a reasoned argument from leaders such as Lord Sugar, but also counter view points. My opinion on this is that your position in the collective memory of put nation will depend on the number of lives you touched and how. If more people remember the harsh medicine, then the overwhelming opinion of the masses will be negative. The few that benefited from other actions – such as Lord Sugar will have a different opinion.

The point is, I think, that opinion of some is any less valid than the opinion of someone else. I am disappointed the lord sugar would resort to calling people scum, rather than presenting a cogent argument, which i would have expected from lord sugar.

Network issues at EE Store

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