Evil geniuses and world domination are 2 of our goals... we also like Dr Who

More spelling fail

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Last pair of airwalks for me…

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Only had them a couple of months. Looks like I better switch to vans before the sci film weekend’s next weekend!!!!!


New phone..

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Have replaced my phone, and posted this from my phone.


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12pm Venice beach



12 hours later Kings Cross station

my phone never looked so clean

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after I found it pressed against the glass of the washing machine door.  Bless her Rach managed to wash my mobile.

Looks like I’ll be off the grid for a while.

BSOD in the wild

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Visited our local arcade…spotted this beauty on a popcap game



The eternal struggle

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Interflora delivered my valentine’s day present for Rach today… There were stock/order issues but they were sorted.

We cracked open the chocolates, because what’s more romantic than eating chocolates and watching “the shooter” (answer : nothing)… But we were faced with the eternal conflict. Two people, 11 chocolates… Who will win?


Update: SMS Spoofing

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I received the following email yesterday evening regarding my recent SMS message.

Dear Sir

We don’t beleive such text was sent by us.

Kind regards
firstpaydayloanuk team

As it appears that the text was not sent by firstpaydayloanuk, then I have forwarded the information through to the ICO.

Spoofing SMS originators.

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I received a text message on my phone just before 11pm on Saturday night.  Here’s what it said:

Hi Mate Im still out in town, Just got £1000 in my account from these guys: www.xxxxxx.co.uk

The originating number turned out to be un-responsive so I decided to fire off a quick email to xxxxxx.co.uk.  Here’s what I sent them.

I think I had an SMS from yourselves over the weekend – I tried calling the number but I was told that the number was not a valid number – so I’m a little confused here…

You see it looks to me like you (or your agents) spoofed a mobile number : +44xxxxxxxxxx, and I was wondering the legality of such a move – which I’m sure your crack team of lawyers have also looked into :
I had a quick look over the Information Commissioner’s website – here
and I thought this was an interesting section :

Are these messages illegal?

The messages appear to breach the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations because they are being sent to individuals without prior consent and without identifying the sender. The messages also appear to breach other legislation and codes of practice.


Here’s what your message actually says :
Hi Mate Im still out in town, Just got £1000 in my account from these guys: www.xxxxxx.co.uk
The only ‘sender’ is a mobile phone number – which doesn’t work.
Can you confirm that you (or your agents) did indeed send out these illegal SMS messages?
Can you confirm how you obtained my number – I’m going to guess that you probably have my name and other details along with that mobile number.


It will be interesting to see how this progresses.

Cross platform development

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Dave was working on a version of the Hoo on Who episode randomiser.  The randomiser so far been a thorn in our collective side, as it offers a series of challenges to us as developers.

  • The application needs to store all available DVD’s
  • The application needs to work on an Apple Macbook (the main’workhorse’ of David Hooie)
  • The application needs to be developed using available tools
  • Mike develops on Ubuntu Linux
  • Dave develops on Windows
  • We only have a mac mini for testing.

To start with I attempted to set up Titanium Studio.  My thoughts were that the application could be developed as an HTML application, using a SQLite database for the storage, html for presentation and Java script for the functionality.  Titanium Studio was terribly hard to use – primarily because it was being leveraged primarily as a mobile solution.

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