Evil geniuses and world domination are 2 of our goals... we also like Dr Who

Road warrior.

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Due to my inability to be organised, I find myself locked out of the bunker, waiting for the security officer to return.  So I have decided to wait in a local KFC.  I jumped on to the WiFi here to post this… Latte’s at KFC are quite nice – loads better than the Costa Coffee I was presented with at a Costa express this morning….

Time to abandon shop….

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A message for all cafepress users.  The Hoo on Who 2013 calendar has been rejected by the Cafepress store – here’s what their representative Lester B. said :

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I’m at Worcester Rugby Club.

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Worcester Rugby Club – the view from the Duckworth Suite

The office Christmas event is taking place here this morning.

Best wife in the world bought me some nice things

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