Evil geniuses and world domination are 2 of our goals... we also like Dr Who

Big accident this evening on the M5

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Hope everyone involved is ok.


Colin’s coming home

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It seems @sawboneshex is leaving the jungle, we’d like to wish him a safe trip back to blighty.

The Colin Baker Jungle Tucker Challenge

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In honor of Colin Baker’s appearance on ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here‘ We at the Titanium Bunker are proud to nail our colors to the Colin Baker mast and release a fan game to help spread the word – ‘The Colin Baker Jungle Tucker Challenge’

The Colin Baker Jungle Tucker Challenge Title


The Jungle Tucker Challenge in game


Download the Game here and tweet your score!!!!

Download for PC

Macintosh version – coming soon


Tweet your support for Colin here

Colin Baker in the Jungle –

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@sawboneshex is currently in the jungle – but  ever wonder where that jungle is?  Put your knowledge of Dr Who to the test,
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I received the following tweet from Lord Sugar…

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What’s that Lord Sugar? Treat your female employees differently than male employees? Also… only beauty products… hmmm

Madrid photos

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Rach met a man who wasn’t all there…

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Lookie who I saw at Madrid

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kolorswatch 1.0

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I have been working a lot with .net recently and as part of that I have been colouring .net controls. You could, if you like, use paint or photoshop or an online color picker like Colorpicker.com to find a colour you like and use its rgb values to colour the control. Or you can use the pre-defined colours to quickly color the control.

Thing is the predefined colours have names like BlanchedAlmond or DodgerBlue . I have no idea what they look like or more importantly how well they could work together.

So I have knocked up a little .net pallette app to help. :

the Kolorswatch window

simply move the mouse over the swatch to find out what its called. I plan to add other functionality like getting RGB, HEX or ordering colours, putting them in a workable order, from hot reds down through the lilacs,and then beyond into the ultramarine (oh yeah, I just quoted the Boosh!)

You can download it here:



Kolorswatch 1.0
Kolorswatch 1.0
36.9 KiB