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I’m writing this blog post from the glorious room 613 of the Adelphi Britania Hotel in Liverpool following a hectic and busy schedule here at OggCamp.

The room has one of the tallest ceilings I’ve seen. There’s a picture rail around the top of the room, and this must be the height of the ceiling in our current house, and the hotel has the impression of an Agatha Christie mystery novel, with a revolving door leading to a marble lobby, and is certainly a vast improvement from the Travelodge.

I never cease to be amazed when I visit OggCamp.

So far I have seen :

Ross Gardler’s talk about licences and the importance of money.

Simon Phipps’ talk about the OSI

Jon ‘The Nice Guy’ Sprigg’s talk about levelling up in open source.

Nathan Dumont’s talk about his open source hardware media player

A Raspberry Pi presentation

Stephen Fry’s message to OggCamp

And the live show.


I’ve also met :

John – sorry – didn’t catch your surname – we bumped into John on the first night. This is his first OggCamp, and was a crew members. John set up a local LUG here up north .

Sam Bull Sam is a student working on a pygame GUI as part of the Google Summer of Code.

Ken Fallon I’ve met up with Ken Fallon – and got to sign the table cloth of the HPR stand. Ken has managed to bag some interesting sounding interviews so I look forward to those hitting the queue. We’re recording the community news for July tomorrow lunch time.

Paul – Paul is Ken’s hilarious sidekick, partner in crime and general bad influence 😉

Dave – Dave was a IT manager in education – and is a listener to HPR – we got talking about genealogy

Adam Sweet was his usual effervescent self – OggCamp wouldn’t be OggCamp without Adam.  It’s always a pleasure to speak with him.  We had a great conversation about Asterisk, Nagios and the trials og Computer Associate’s monitoring solution.

There was probably loads more people I missed.


Oh – and I really must remember my camera tomorrow.


Good night all!

Show Notes – Tracing your family tree with gramps

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I’ve been researching my family tree for a short while now, and through I’d share some of my resources and tips with other hackers.

  1. Hingley’s of Netherton (Wikipedia LinkBlack Country History Link)
  2. The Titanic Anchor (BBC Black Country Link)
  3. Ancestry.co.uk
  4. Gramps
  5. FreeBMD
  6. Census records online (you can usually search the census for free at your local library)
  7. ukbmd
  8. westmidlandsBMD
  9. My Grandparent’s marriage register record
  10. my family tree on ancestry.co.uk – You will need an account on ancestry – or may be able to access it via Ancestry Library Edition
  11. Government Records Office
  12. Ancestry Family History Advice

The show is now on Hacker Public Radio