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Packaging YesPlz! for Ubuntu

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I have been listening with interest to Klaatu’s recent series on HPR.  What I have found is that he makes topics interesting to me.  I listen to the the episodes typically during my 40 minute commute from the bunker to the wilds of Telford.  Thanks to him I actually tried Emacs – I even read up on Emacs during my lunch break.  Not entirely sure that I’m ready for the emacs yet, but hope springs eternal eh?

Anyway I was listening to Klaatu’s RPM packaging guides, and heard that He hadn’t tried DEB’s yet .  I have been packaging with DEB’s as part of my content packaging research, so I thought I’d have a crack at packaging YesPlz for Ubuntu – primarily because I haven’t packaged any C based code yet, and it doesn’t exist in the Ubuntu repositories yet…  I’m using the Ubuntu Packaging Guide to assist me.

The basic premise here is :
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New Game from Titanium Bunker

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Saturday in Town I read that Paul Daniels Had to have 2 fingers reattached following a DIY accident.  You can read  more about it here:

As we have already  made one game about Paul Daniels,  Puppet Pizza Potshot Challenge, it seemed only right that we make a new game based on this event.

As such here is our latest game: Give ’em the finger

Everyone here in the Bunker would like to wish Paul a speedy recovery




Give 'Em the Finger
Give 'Em the Finger
4.1 MiB



Watch “Ubuntu. TV for human beings” on YouTube

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Is Matt Smith branching out into other areas?

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Saw this on the way to work today.

Rachel’s 2012 predictions

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Science & Technology :

  • SOPA Bill won’t pass.

Entertainment & Arts

Mike’s 2012 Predictions

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Science & Technology :

  • Ubuntu Phone / Table will emerge – may not be a massive immediate success
  • SOPA Bill won’t pass – I think it will be rejected in it’s current form, as support for it seems to be dwindling (recent GoDaddy withdrawl of support for SOPA etc)
  • I think that Oracle will drop Java totally – they’ve just retired the distributor licence, and they’re next looking to use OpenJDK going forwards.

Entertainment & Arts

  • Ricky Gervais will continue to annoy me because he is who he is.
  • More rubbish shows such as x factor / TOWIE
  • GhostRider Spirit of Vengace will powerful suck.
  • People will realize that dubstep is overrated.
  • Avengers will be amazing.
  • Unexpected breakthrough film will be Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (2012)


  • I’m going to have a great time at my Zombie training weekend and will probably end up ‘accidentally’ shooting rach 🙂


Dave’s 2012 Predictions

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Science & Technology :

  • Kindle platform will become more widespread and ubiquitous  – maybe even seeing some home brew apps.  I think we’ll see value added applications around the arena of location based bookmarks – maybe educational services (courseware etc) will be deployed using the platform.  I also think that this will drive the display technology away from eink back to LCD, and that will be lead by improved battery performance.
  • SOPA Bill will pass in a limited form, hamstringing web sites such as that guy with the glasses
  • Titaniumbunker will release at least 1 game

Entertainment & Arts

  • The Ponds will leave Dr Who this year
  • Steven Moffatt will consider jumping ship from Dr Who -but he’ll probably stay on board until after the anniversary  (2013).
  • Sherlock will continue to be a critical success, and probably win some BAFTAS
  • The Continuing trend of lame ass accoustic slow covers (slovers) will continue until the inevitable cover of “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath.
  • Following from last years Cpt America will Rule, Avengers will also RULE.
  • The Dark Knight will do OK, but not to the levels we’ve previously seen



  • Despite the humoungous sums of money and hype, the general consensus for the olympics will be “meh”


Gallifrey – because I’m attending this year will be ace.