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More haste less speed

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Stunned my toe this morning… not good.  Here’s a lesson to us all…

New Titanium Bunker game…

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Titanium Bunker are pleased to announce the launch of their latest game – Puppet Pizza Pot-shot Challenge.

Play principle popular puppet promptly propelling perilously piled peperoni pizzas, pasting premier performer Paul, preventing pizzas paining Paul’s Precious PA.

… So wipe your screen and have a crack at Puppet Pizza pot-shot Challenge.

Title Screen of PPPC


PPC in Action

Get it Here



HPR Submissions

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I’ve had a go at recording a show for hack public radio.  I’ve emailed through HPR, and hope to hear from them soon…

Game Update

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Just a minor update on the game.

It’s done. Kinda. Just need to add the high score functionality. We are hoping to have an online high score table.


Days taken to make game: 9 days

hours taken to make game: aapproximately 15 hours

average hours per day development:1.66667 hours/ day

once we got the high score set up, expect to see it fleeing the bunker – most likely this weekend


Captain Freedom

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Myself and Dave have just discussed the possibility of an open source comic book.


So – here’s the plan.  We aim to investigate the possibility of using Inkscape to layout comic book elements, allowing the community to create comic books.  As part of the assets, we will ship a set of svg files – each representing a character, and while this framework can be extended to provide comic art and layout for any character, we will be shipping an as yet undesigned captain freedom.
Captain Freedom is a freedom fighter, looking to protect the software freedoms that we all take for granted.  He battles the forces of evil, or those typically looking to damage the freedom of end users..

This is going to be a mainly art based project – and who knows… it may never get made (due to inkscape issues), but we’re going to give it a go.


Who can save the day?   Captain Freedom can!

Getting the message out…

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So yesterday I tried my hand at public speaking.  For a first attempt I feel that there are many lessons to learn.  I think the biggest lesson to learn from my attempt was that the pressure and nervousness is plapable – in many ways I have a renewed respect for people who make it look so easy – people like Simon Phipps or Lorna Mitchell,


I also learned that going to the community with the slimest concept of an idea is not enough.  I think I have the skeleton of an idea, and I still feel strongly about the concepts I was trying to talk about.


So I’m going to write more articles – learning the lessons from Lorna, and really flesh out these ideas,


There were interesting points raised – and I’m also going to address these….


  1. How about using Lenses in Unity
  2. What about if the user doesn’t have a music folder
  3. How do we enforce copyright / licence issues
  4. This only works for debian(?)
  5. Mature Content


My plan is to really complete this and to present not only a concept, but an implemented idea.  All the articles will be tagged ContentPackaging

Packaging an Album for Ubuntu

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 sudo apt-get install build-essential devscripts ubuntu-dev-tools debhelper dh_make diff patch cdbs

For upload to launchpad you’ll need a gpg key.


  1. Download the Nightmares by design album from http://www.severedfifth.com
    1. wget http://audio.lugradio.org/severedfifth/nightmaresbydesign/severedfifth-nightmaresbydesign-2010-ogg.zip
  2. Re-package just the content in a tar.gz file – called severed severedfifth_nightmaresbydesign-2010.orig.tar.gz
    1. unzip severedfifth-nightmaresbydesign-2010-ogg.zip
    2. tar -cvf severedfifth-nightmaresbydesign-2010.orig.tar.gz severedfifth-nightmaresbydesign-2010-ogg.zip
  3. make a folder names the same as the tar file (minus the .orig.gz part) severedfifth_nightmaresbydesign-2010
  4. from the severedfifth_nightmaresbydesign-2010 folder, issue the dh_make command.
    • Select single
    • Press enter
  5. Edit the Control file.
    • Set the section – I chose sound
    • set the priority – for this build  chose optional
    • Update the packager name (if required) and website addresses.
    • Add any description elements – in my example I took the blurb from the website.
    • Add a package for each track to be packaged.
  6. Edit the Copyright file
    1. Update the packager name (if required) and website addresses.
    1. Update the upstream author(s) and email addresses
    2. Update the upstream licence information
    3. Update your licence
  7. Update Changelog
    1. Update the packager name (if required).
    2. Change unstable to an ubuntu release ‘animal’ – for example maverick
    3. Update the change log line – typically for new packages I leave it as  * Initial release.
  8. Update README.source – or delete it if nothing is applicable
  9. Update README.debian – or delete it if nothing is applicable
  10. Delete *.ex files from the folder

Building the source package :

issue the command

debuild -S

to build a deb issue the command

sudo pbuilder --build severedfifth.nightmaresbydesign_2010-1.dsc

the resulting deb file wll be in /var/cache/pbuilder/result


Uploading to Launchpad

Uploading large files can cause problems with lauchpad – there is a work around noted here.






New game

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Here are some work in progress of our new game, tentatively titled ‘puppet pizza potshot challenge’ the game will probably be finished in a week or so.

new fun game in the works

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Inspired by the recent story in the news about Paul Daniels being struck accidentially on the head by a pizza by children’s entertainment stalwart Sooty, Dave is working on a fuuny game based on the italian cuisine based incident.


We’re hoping to get it al complete for OggCamp – see you there.

Fashion bunker

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The new fashions at the titanium bunker modelled by mike.

This season's must have...

The QR code

And the alternate design