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From the mouth of Dave

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Dave has just said “Is your carpet faded here”…

No dave – it’s just a shaddow…

soldiers of fortune

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spotted in Cambridge?Soldiers of Fortune

Questions for Doctor Dre.

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So, it seems that Hp have Launched a new Laptop line called  the HP Envy Beats audio series (  I know there’s a name that trips off the tongue right?) Want to know what all the fuss is about? Here’s the advert that’s playing in front of ‘Tron Legacy‘ and ‘The King’s Speech‘:

Now I am not a hardware Expert and certainly not a musician like Dr Dre ( or even a Doctor  like Dr Dre ) but here are a couple of questions for the good Doctor.

1. You are quoted in the advert: “with Beats, people are going to hear what the artists hear, and listen to the music the way they should: the way I do” yet you don’t actually appear to be saying anything when you are rapping. Is this the way its meant to be heard? Do you know where I can get a karaoke tape of your latest album? Also have you written a book on the correct way to hear? Maybe there’s a booklet that ships with the laptop or an instruction video or something?

2. The beats laptop is full decked out according to the adver with  Incredible HD Grpahics and  Powerful quad core Intel processors. That’s great.  and we see some of the ports, looks like you got some firewire, USB and probably HDMI in there, but no MIDI? not even for legacy purposes?. Also, as this is the Laptop That Dr Dre favours, What kind of sound card are you rocking there?

3. Back lit Keyboard. Cool. but it looks like you are using the Laptop in a recording studio and not down a coal mine so a little confuses why that should be such a strong selling point

4. This is the Beats Laptop is pitched as a laptop for musicians, So is it capable of running the users existing MAC applications like Logic? and the best way to use this laptop is to take it into a recording studio and hook it up to a load of kit costing possibly in excess of $10,000 ? that’s quite an expensive add on for a laptop, and actually quite a physically large one which negates the need for a portable device, you might as well have a desktop. would it not have been better to show you using just the laptop to make music with?

If I didn’t know any better, you could be mistaken for thinking that basically its a laptop with a B on the lid, Back lit Keyboard and enhanced Customer service numbers

My 2011 predictions

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  • There will be 2 releases of Ubuntu
  • Ogg Camp 11 will rock!
  • We will release at least 2 games this year
  • QR Codes will be more prevalent and feature in TV and print adverts
  • The British olympic bid’s cost will continue to rise.
  • Cowboys vs UFOs will be a summer box office smash.
  • Thor will ROCK!

My 2011 predictions

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  • Green Hornet will be rubbish
  • Green Lantern will also be rubbish
  • 3D TV will continue to fail to be popular.
  • Year of the linux desktop!