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Possible Multi-Doctor episode on the cards?

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Sylvester McCoy has indicated that he might be keen on contributing to an episode to mark the shows golden Jubilee in 2013 – read the original BBC article here

hot wheels


You remember  that I used to drive that old busted joint:

See, I drive… the new hotness:

That is all. 🙂

Travel light Move fast – Packing for the TARDIS

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So.. Imagine the Dr turns up and offers you that exclusive once in a lifetime trip in the TARDIS.  But TARDIS life is a strewn with questions and problems.

  • What climate are we going to be in?
  • What time period are we visiting?
  • How log are we going to be out
  • Smart/ Casual or more formal?

You can’t really take an overnight bag, and packing tons of cases like Donna did seems somewhat imposing.  What is needed is some sort of halfway house between packing for a couple of days and taking absolutely everything.

Here’s what I’d take.

  1. Jeans – Given the running around that companions typically do – usually in tough terrain, jeans seems a good idea – and most ‘normal’ restaurant won’t turn you away if you happen to be wearing a good pair (i.e – not ripped and tattered)
  2. A selection of my favourite T Shirts
  3. Shorts – for those desert planets
  4. A warm sweater
  5. A couple of weeks worth of underwear – Hopefully there are laundry facilities in the TARDIS – or somewhere I can drop of a service wash.
  6. Some stout walking boots
  7. A suit – it would be nice to visit some of the more posher restaurants and clubs in the Universe.
  8. Swimming costume
  9. Flip Flops
  10. Pyjamas
  11. Towel

And this just covers clothes.  The Dr always seems to use technology in the era that he is in – for example he borrows Jeff’s laptop in 11th hour – but would there be any benefit in taking my laptop.  It would mean that he wouldn’t be dependant on random people he meets having the technology to hand.

So there you have it.  Of course when travelling in Time & Space there is the possibility of just going back home and picking anything else you need or forgot…  and with my memory that’s always a possibility

Why not leave a comment here about what you would take on tour with the TARDIS.

Recommended Viewing

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Hi – this is my first post.  I’m a movie nut and at work we were talking about out favourite movies.  I thought I’d share my list.

  1. Leon
  2. Pleasantville
  3. Battle Royale
  4. American HistoryX
  5. Man on Fire
  6. District 9
  7. Once were warriors
  8. Leaving Las vegas
  9. Shaun of the dead
  10. inside man
  11. In the name of the father
  12. Spirited away
  13. munich
  14. Seven
  15. Primal Fear
  16. Ghost Dog Way of the Samurai
  17. Kiss of the Dragon
  18. The Hurt Locker
  19. Son of Rambow
  20. The Departed
  21. Sin City
  22. Saw
  23. The Game
  24. Children of Men
  25. True Romance

Thoughts?  Comments?