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Paul The Octopus R.I.P

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It is with a heavy heart that I must tell you that Paul the Psychic octopus passed away in his tank in an aquarium in Germany last night.For those of you that don’t know, Paul was the Octopus that correctly predicted the outcome of Germany’s 7 games in the last world cup.

At the time, here in the bunker, we thought of making a game about Paul, but as the world cup had ended we decided at the time that it wasn’t in the public interest. However the death of this beloved cephalopod has made us realise that this game should be made and that it should serve as a lasting tribute to Paul – a commemoration,if you will, of his life. and of the mussels that he loved so very much. He was especially beloved in Spain where a request was made by Madrid Zoo to display Paul.

I think in order to further Pan-European relations, his body should be flown to Spain where it can be respectfully interred in a paella.  It’s what he would have wanted.


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Well it seems that David Hooie’s son, Ian is selling boyscout popcorn ( i always thought it was cookies but hey)

So, if you find yourself sat in front of the TV watching Doctor Who or playing a marathon session of Where in the world is Colin Baker? and you feel like a snack, why not Help Ian out and order some popcorn:


Get your popcorn here – US only unfortunately.

Ordering it from here will help out Ian’s scout troop and will automatically make you 175% more intellegent and at least 125 % better looking *

*not really- you guys are pretty and clever enough already 😛 but it will certainly benefit the scouts.

The trials of running a site


Here at the bunker, we’re starting to receive comments from the reading audience.  So that’s great… But what’s not so great is the level of spam that we’re starting to get.

Here’s one of the latest ones…

Why have you removed my post? It was very beneficial information and i assure atleast one person found it helpful unlike the rest of the comments on this site. I’ll post it again. < rest of post removed >

Hmmm here’s why I’ve removed your ‘post’.  Firstly it’s a comment, and if you had something constructive to add about the thing you were commenting on then we would have approved it.   Secondly the comments are adverts, posted from different accounts with the same wording.

So far we have received 64 comments, of which 7 were what I would class as real comments.  Most were from blatant spammers – but some took serious consideration.  I found myself looking and weighing up the possibilities about the origins of this particular comment.

Star Wars in 3D?

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Ok, So this post will be controversial and will probably offend you if you are reading this but, here goes….

A few years ago, I wrote a column for an online magazine.  One of the articles was as about the re-release of the Star Wars series Special Editions and that how a film is never really finished, but released and then accepted by fans and that constant re-releasing of the films makes it difficult for fans to latch onto a product.

Well it seems the circle is complete.  there is now talk of Star Wars being re released again in 3D.  So your completist fan could have anything up to 8 copies of the original trilogy in their collection! – I have 2 copies of Remembrance of the Daleks ( my first got scratched) so I’m one of the completist fanboys.

Starting in 2012 the films will be released in 3D so until 2017 the phenomenon fad of 3D will be stretched out beyond its natural life expectancy by these films.

“But its brand new technology that really helps you immerse yourself in the story,” you say. No.  The story should immerse you in the story. If you have to rely on a gimmick to tell the story then you have already lost.

Theatre plays are in 3D, Real time real 3D and the actors don’t throw their hands towards the audience and shout ‘boo!’ ‘  I don’t need special glasses to see this.

This 3D trend is even spreading into home TV solutions. Sony are releasing a TV that shows 3D.  But the nature of this is contrary to the nature of TV.

TV is inclusive. I can pop round to a friends house and if the TV is on, They might say – hey want to watch ‘House’ or ‘Big Bang Theory’ with me. and If  I do I turn my head and look at the screen  with my eyes.

3D is exclusive. To watch I have to have a piece of decoder technology (glasses) and different types of 3D have different types of glasses.  And while you are given the glasses at the cinema, it might not be the same system that Sony or Samsung will use for their TVs, no you will have to buy them separately.  Even for the cinema ones, though you don’t really have a choice do you? The ticket price is bumped up to cover the cost of these glasses.

So Lucas will release these films and make more money than a small south American Country. and various Internet critics are already saying its a bad idea but they will still go see it because, well its star wars,

And here’s where the controversy starts, so strap yourselves in. You are all idiots.  Actually, We are all idiots. We know Lucas is basically a  film director that got lucky with one film and has been re hashing it for the last 35 years, that he hasn’t made a decent film since 1977 , and that even now, as he limbers up to paddle yet more money out of the dead horse that is the star wars franchise, we all know its a terrible idea but we allow him to continue to do this because , well, it’s Star Wars

Since  Star Wars in 1977 he has directed 3 other films 2 short films: Chaos 10 (2000) which is a collection of short films which also includes a re release of his student film Electronic Labyrinth. The other Short is Cinema 16: American Short Films (2006) which seems to be a compilation of directors early student films. So presumably Electric Labyrynth is included there too.

But what of these 3 films? The new trilogy.  Hardly classics by comparison to star wars.

Lets compare shall we? since 1979, Steven Speilberg has directed 14 films that most people would consider classics. Just picking 7 at random from the list they include, including 4 Indiana Jones films, Saving Private Ryan, ET and Jurassic Park

Can’t do the same for Lucas, We only got 3 to choose from and one of those is the phantom menace. But as far as I know Speilberg is not planning on re releasing films in 3D

So what can we do? Simple Vote with your feet. Instead of sqeeing when Lucas anounces another re release, this time in smell o rama, Vote with your feet and take ownership of the Star wars that you love.  Not the version that gets taken from you every couple of years by the man himself, Lets face it, isn’t George Lucas supposed to be a director? Shouldnt he therefore be making new films? While we keep comming back to see his dead horse beatings he won’t be making films, so let’s boycot these 3D films, and maybe he’ll get the message is what people REALLY want to see is a new film. heck, how about a new franchise or even new star wars films? I’d go, as long as they wherent as bad as the new trilogy.

Turns out I’m not the only person who thinks like this – Fabian Scherschel from the Linux Outlaws podcast recently posted a Rant-o’Fab episode about 3D movies.

Fabian Scherschel

Everyone has one novel in them… Or should that be Navel?

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There’s a saying that everyone has a novel in them, and some months ago I set about trying to liberate mine.  I won’t bore you with the details  – wait for the movie 😉 but the most interesting part of the whole exercise for me was based around setting up the infrastructure to support the author.

I use Linux, and was looking for a Novel Authoring tool.  There is the venerable YWriter – a free tool from Spacejock software, which I tried, but never really got it to work correctly under Linux.  So I looked for an alternative, and I think I’ve found one – Storybook

Storybook provides an interface by wich the author can track the various narative strands within the story, the characters, the assets and the timeline.  Reasearch photos can be stored and the whole thing is stored in an easy to manage format.

The biggest issue with StoryBook is that it isn’t packaged for Linux, which can make the installation of it somewhat difficult.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s a Java application, and therefore it is easy enough to install – simply decrypt to a folder, but it raises more interesting questions about how we ensure consistency between StoryBook and other Java Applications  – such as JOSM.

I’m planning a later article on packgaing Java applications for Ubuntu, but in the short trem I’ll document the technique I used to install it, and syncronise it between different machines

Installing StoryBook under Ubuntu

?Browse to the StoryBook Site –

Download the Linux version.

To install the requirements run the following

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jre

cd to the directory

and execute the command : ./storybook.sh

sit back and bask in the glory that is StoryBook…