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new game development

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Progress is er, progressing on Titanium Bunkers new DW game. core game logic is in place and working. now we are getting front end and in game graphics done.

The project I have been spent the last year of my life working on is finished. Will tell you all about it when it ships, but was a blast doing and now its all finished it seems a little strange


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Things have been real busy here at the Titanium Bunker.  There were birthdays in the week so we where issued with a 48 hour pass each. Whilst it was fun to go outside. I am so much happier to be back in the bunker

Development work has just started on a new DW game to folow on the heels of WITWICB at the moment we are still trying to really nail down a few issues in out prototype but for a couple of hours work its not looking too bad:)

Weekend – National Memorial Arboretum

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We visited the National Memorial Arboretum (NMA) over the weekend.  For those not from the UK, the NMA is a centralised collection of all of the memorials for many different organisations – there is a predominant ‘bias’ towards the armed services – but you’ll also find memorials for civilian organisations, such as memorials to mining accidents – and even a Boy’s Brigade garden.

I used to be a Boy’s Brigade member – our local BB ran out of a local church, and I used to attend, pretty much until I was 16.  There were many things that I liked – and still do – about that organisation.  The ability to work towards targets, to develop as a young adult and the discipline that comes from an authority structure. I feel that it certainly enabled me to exist in a world where such structures do exist, and I did a lot of fun activities, played football and probably equally importantly, it gave our parents an evening off.

When we got too old for the BB there was talk about moving into an officer role, but that is really difficult to do when you’re still very much a child yourself.  At that stage I was starting out in my career, and at the same time attending night school to get my computer science degree – a degree which took me 6 years to get due to the part time nature of it.  There simply wasn’t the time or opportunity to give any time to the organisation.

So – for me – it was amazing to stand in that garden and feel that I had been part of something larger – something bigger than myself.

And.. I was just a BB member… Imagine what the veterans who are there remembering friends and colleagues who made ultimate sacrifices felt.

There is far too too much to see in a single day, so I will hopefully be making a return journey at one point – but some of the best memorials that I encountered were the recording of survivors of WWII. 

BB Garden

National Memoroial - The Sun shines through here on 11 November at 11am.



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Titanium Bunker has just released an exclusive Tshirt design for Hoo on Who. Check it out at their shop:

The Hoo on Who Store

…And I’m back in the room

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Yeah – I was studying for an exam, and I’m glad to say I passed.   The exam was the 70-536 microsoft .net exam. I did try studying for this using Linux but due to time issues I had to resort to windows to run the practice tests.  It’s amazing how much of the framework you don’t even see on a day to day basis.  It’s also amazing how many errors you can find in a second edition book.  I used the MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-536).  Currently I’ve logged 13 bugs, and Microsoft press have logged 32 bugs.

70-536 certificate

New RELEASE : Where In the World is Colin Baker – Mac Version

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Esacping from the Titanium Bunker is the New version of WITWICB for Macintosh

Yes, now you too can enjoy the thrills and spills of hunting down the 6th doctor from some place in the world only now on a Mac!

download it here

Where in the World is Colin Baker – Mac Update

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Just finished on WITWICB for mac- will be testing it and then uploading it this weekend

Going dark for a bit…

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I have an exam booked for the 14th September.  I’ll be concentrating my efforts on that so won’t be posting anything until after judgement day…  Need my revision.. It’s scary how much you forget when it comes to exams.

Tweet out loud

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We’ve got a twitter feed…  you can follow us on @titaniumbunker.  We’ll post updates there as well as here.


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During a busy day in the bunker I stumbled onto genius that is TheRegister.

A Sonic Screwdriver Wii controler.