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Where in the World is Colin Baker – Mac Update

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Just finished on WITWICB for mac- will be testing it and then uploading it this weekend


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During a busy day in the bunker I stumbled onto genius that is TheRegister.

A Sonic Screwdriver Wii controler.

Minor Update:Where in the World is Colin Baker


Nothing major to report- Work is nearly finished on the Mac version of WITWICB just a few graphical glitches to take care of.  I hope to have a release candidate very soon. Once that’s done- it’s time to set up this mac as a media centre- picked up a small EPIA Mini ITX mother board which I am planning on turning into a media server – more information on this as it happens.

60 Minutes

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I’ve just downloaded and completed episode 3 of the Dr Who games.  I don’t want to be ‘that guy’ but compared to the other titles in the series it is somewhat lacking.

The plot for this game is based on saving the Dr by completing some task, then saving Amy by building something and then performing some task, followed by some plot involving a time eating entity and then launching the TARDIS.  Yes – it certainly was enjoyable to actually pilot the TARDIS, but that is 60 seconds out of a whole game. The same subgames were there – collecting things and wiring, but in the safety of the TARDIS there was no peril.

I’ll admit that my laptop trackpad is hardly ideally suited to drag crystals around, but given that I started this post at 00:37am, and I had downloaded the file at 23:17, but taking into account my gaming ineptitude (I had to do a couple of the maze games a couple of times – trackpads aren’t exactly made for gaming) I would suggest that this game is possibly completable in 30 mins. For a game that clocks in at 265 mb, I’m stuggling to see where it’s all gone?   This game takes place in the TARDIS.  To be precise, the Main Console room, the drawing room…And that’s about it.  I understan that the TARDIS controls are all animated, and that all takes space – but we’re not talking mesh deformation here – like character deformation.  How big can an animated lever be?  The first 2 games took place in multiple locations, with props and enemies.  This takes place in a single location.  For a location as large as the TARDIS it all seemed somewhat cramped.  This was the ideal opportunity to play on that idea the the TARDIS is as big as a city – that it has a library and a swimming pool.  I liked that there were artifacts that were there, but these artifacts were so closely grouped together that it took the fun out of it.  After the immediate danger you are given the opportunity to explore as either Amy or the Dr – What they were going for here is that you would explore the console as Amy, get all “oh.. the Dr pulls this lever and the TARDIS makes a wierd noise”, and then go round as the Dr learning what all the controls actually do.  But because the user chooses which character to explore initially in, then if (like me) you choose the Dr first, then there is no point in then exploring as Amy. What they should have done is let you explore as Amy, then hand over to the Dr, and you have to check the instruments that Amy has been looking at.  You could manufacture something like..

Dr : “Amy – I’l just going to go and do a mcguffin thing here…  Can you check the instruments on the Pannel?  There’s a user guide over there”

Any : “Ok Dr…You have around a time machine as long a I have without picking up a thing or two.  Let’s not forget that I have piloted this old bird before you know..”.

You then click on each control,  Amy does her wonderful analysis, until you reach the last control, where the handle breaks or there is some sort of negative reaction from the TARDIS  it makes a funny noise…

*Dr Reappears*

Dr : “What did you do <strokes console> there there old girl..  What happened

Amy : “Oh… I see.. I’m fine by the way….  it sort of made a wierd noise”

Dr: “I’m not surprised – were you fiddling with the control – I suppose I’d better take a look”.

And then you check the controls – this time you get the Dr definition on what they do.

Despite the lack of danger now though there is still no opportunity to explore the rest of the TARDIS – just the console room and the study.  265MB for 2 (maybe 3 locations)…  Really?

I often wonder what life on the TARDIS would be like – I imagine that not every day is battling monsters saving civilisations – I’ll bet there are times where the Dr get the old hoover out and the companions have a spring clean throughout the TARDIS – or perhaps they’ll visit a very nice place, and have a nice time there, not fighting for their life, but perhaps enjoying some tea and scones. This game provides all the thrill and spill of this.

Let us know what you think about this episode.

Where in the world is Colin Baker Mac version – Getting Closer

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Titanium Bunker is now in the possession of a lovely Mac Mini purchased through the wonder that is Ebay. I’m writing this post using it.

The seller lived just round the corner – which is convenient, and was really helpful in talking me through setting it up.  I will say this for Apple – the Macintosh is certainly intuitive.  I’m up and running ins literally minutes.

Dave’s going to start looking at the Mac version – probably after the weekend – it may even be the weekend – I popped my head round the art studio door, and there was like a total mess of pastels and charcoal.  It looked like n explosion in a paint factory.  Apparently he was working on some Hoo on Who artwork – which is always cool.  I’m just grateful we have the service droid to clean it up, because I certainly would like to do it.

Where In the World Is Colin Baker – For Mac!

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Work has just started working on the Mac version of Where in the World is Colin Baker Hoping to have something working over the next few days

New From Titanium Bunker- Where In the World Is Colin Baker?

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Listening to the 20MB doctor who podcast episode 15 I was inspired when Adam couldn’t find his Colin Baker dolly-  Sorry I mean posable action figure into making a short game about the search for said action figure

So now after literally 3 days of development, The titanium Bunker is proud to announce its first software release.

‘Where in the World is Colin Baker’ is an action packed, high octane game with more twists and turns than a twisty-turny-thing. Well, its a lot like battleships, but its still fun to play 🙂

Where in the World is Colin Baker Screenshot2Where in the World is Colin Baker Screenshot2

Grab it here.