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The Nostradamus Awards 2015

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Well it’s that time of year again, when we try to act all enthusiastic about a new year, make numbers resolutions to join a gym and try to get fit ( i give 3 months!) and where we here in the bunker take a second to reflect on the year that was, and see which of us predicted the most er stuff.

So let’s go through the predictions shall we?

Dave’s predictions:
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Poop your pants scary

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In a previous post I commented that I might be getting a little old for bands such as Pierce the Veil, and this post examines more evidence of my descent into old age.  Recently Rach went out and bought Alien Isolation because she really wanted to play it.  It is typical that whenever Rach buys a game we end up playing it as a team – typically a frustrated team when I try and explain some three dimensional movement to get her avatar back to what appears to be an item that she missed when scanning the room.  She tends to play, and I shout confusing and frustrated advice.  Eventually she gets annoyed with me, and I get annoyed with her, and we call time there on the game and pick it up again at a later date.  In a way it’s good – we don’t tend to spend a lot of time playing games.  So far Alien Isolation has been no exception.

As is typical I get back from work to find Rach playing Alien Isolation, sat on her favourite comfy chair

POÄNG Armchair - Ikea

POÄNG Armchair – Ikea

with her favourite cushion.

My Neighbour Tortoro Cushion

My Neighbour Tortoro Cushion

She hands over the controller to me whenever it gets too complicated – which it often does.  As a result I end up only playing the most scary, most complicated parts of the game.  It’s left me feeling as though I don’t want to pick up the game and play it – I just know that were I to load the save game at the current point I could find it almost impossibly hard.  The other night I got back from work, and she was running around with a flame thrower.  I just know that were to attempt to load the game on my own that it would be too nerve racking an experience.  I’d hate to be in a situation where I leave her game in a state where she’s low on ammo, or I missed some important key card to access some area of the map – I suppose I’m scared of breaking the game for her.
Also it’s a really scary game, where basically anything that isn’t you is going to try and kill you.  It must be what living in Australia is like.    My game tastes have mellowed – I recently bought Fez for Xbox 360 and I really enjoyed the sedate nature of the game.  Perhaps I’m getting too old for Aliens and explosions…  or maybe the game is just really scary.

when is rare – rare?

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I am sure like most people I am a fan of Family Guy, It’s generally on BBC3 on an evening, and one of only a few reasons to keep the channel.


I also have an Android Phone, so when ‘Family guy- the quest for stuff ‘ came out I donwloaded it and have playing on an off for about 6 months.


Right now there is a comic-con tie in event. part of the event involves you collecting film canisters to free Ron Pearlman. You can collect them by building a screening theatre. \But lets have alook at the theatre:

family guy question










I tweeted the developers TinyCO .


if we hear back we will follow up on this

The Colin Baker Jungle Tucker Challenge

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In honor of Colin Baker’s appearance on ‘I’m a celebrity, get me out of here‘ We at the Titanium Bunker are proud to nail our colors to the Colin Baker mast and release a fan game to help spread the word – ‘The Colin Baker Jungle Tucker Challenge’

The Colin Baker Jungle Tucker Challenge Title


The Jungle Tucker Challenge in game


Download the Game here and tweet your score!!!!

Download for PC

Macintosh version – coming soon


Tweet your support for Colin here

Dalek Says…


So, Dave’s been ripping the perverbial out of me – as A programmer by trade I have (to date) contributed 0 games or utilities.  Dave on the other hand has done WITWICB, and PPPC, and has recently completed his own android companion app he calls Heston.

I won’t spill the beans about heston – I’ll leave that to dave….but all this gentle ribbing reminds  me of that episode of big bang theory (Series 4 Episode 08 – The 21 Second Excitation) where sheldon was quoting picard.

Not again…the line must be drawn here…This far, no farther.


So I am working on a python version of Simple Dalek.  The plan is to re-develop the entire think using pygame, and I’ll aim to update via this blog.


New Titanium Bunker game…

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Titanium Bunker are pleased to announce the launch of their latest game – Puppet Pizza Pot-shot Challenge.

Play principle popular puppet promptly propelling perilously piled peperoni pizzas, pasting premier performer Paul, preventing pizzas paining Paul’s Precious PA.

… So wipe your screen and have a crack at Puppet Pizza pot-shot Challenge.

Title Screen of PPPC


PPC in Action

Get it Here



Game Update

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Just a minor update on the game.

It’s done. Kinda. Just need to add the high score functionality. We are hoping to have an online high score table.


Days taken to make game: 9 days

hours taken to make game: aapproximately 15 hours

average hours per day development:1.66667 hours/ day

once we got the high score set up, expect to see it fleeing the bunker – most likely this weekend


New game

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Here are some work in progress of our new game, tentatively titled ‘puppet pizza potshot challenge’ the game will probably be finished in a week or so.


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Things have been real busy here at the Titanium Bunker.  There were birthdays in the week so we where issued with a 48 hour pass each. Whilst it was fun to go outside. I am so much happier to be back in the bunker

Development work has just started on a new DW game to folow on the heels of WITWICB at the moment we are still trying to really nail down a few issues in out prototype but for a couple of hours work its not looking too bad:)

New RELEASE : Where In the World is Colin Baker – Mac Version

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Esacping from the Titanium Bunker is the New version of WITWICB for Macintosh

Yes, now you too can enjoy the thrills and spills of hunting down the 6th doctor from some place in the world only now on a Mac!

download it here