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My favourite things

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Today I experienced the combination of 2 of my favourite things – Humble Bundle and Dr Who.

That’s right – for like $15, you can get your eager hands of a veritable shedload of comics!

Web of Fear / Enemy of the World – FOUND!!!!!

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After months of twitter rumours, surfacing and being denied before resurfacing again, we finally now know that 11 missing episodes have been recovered.

You can watch them now on ITunes, They have been digitally remastered and look like they were broadcast yesterday.

This is a good thing.

However this week the hype surrounding this was unbelievable.  We were told on Monday of an announcement on Wednesday which got pushed back to Thursday afternoon which then was pushed further back to Midnight  (presumably to make the first edition print of newspapers Friday morning). Attendees at the event where then issued with a press embargo – which seemed to have been broken by the northern echo early and finally after months of rumours, denials, counter rumours, announcements, delays and embargoes we know it’s the Web of Fear and the Enemy of the World.

Which leaves me a little deflated, earlier stories had the number recovered stored at 106 (never happen, that would be ALL the missing stories) which was then revised down to ‘dozens’ before we realise its not even a dozen.

But let’s think about this for a second-  we got a complete new second Doctor story, and the number of remaining missing episodes is now under 100! maybe this is what we should be concentrating on.

I cannot wait for DVD releases of these. I could watch them on ITunes but I really don’t like that program very much. I prefer Songbird and don’t like the idea of buying songs/films over ITunes. I get the distinct feeling that most of the money I would be spending on ITunes would end up in Apple’s coffers.

Of course it will take a while for everyone’s records to be updated and for Wikipedia to be accurate (right now it still says Web of Fear is incomplete). But once it is done, I would hope that BBC would look at classic episodes missing only 1 episode and consider them as candidates for animation. It would now make more sense to animate the final missing episode of the Enemy of the World to give us 2 new Troughton releases! I hope in the future  the Beeb, instead of having embargoes that people inevitably break, instead have a late night press conference.  Yes it’s hard on any guests having to hang around until way after midnight, but it means your secret is released to the press when you want it to. I would point as well that there is still no footage of the San Diego ComicCon trailer, which seems to mean that a load of doctor who fans are better at maintaining professional silence that paid journalists- Or how about a live streamed event next time? I don’t know its a difficult circle to square, you want a coordinated release for your news, but its hard when everyone and his dog are live tweeting.

Again it is thanks to Philip Morris that these episodes have been unearthed . I hope that some day there will be more !

Want to see how good the footage actually is? ok here’s the trailers

Corn Maze WIN – Cheezburger

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Cool Maze…

New swag from Jon Pinto!!!!

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Those of you that know me, know that one of my favourite illustrators is Jon Pinto. I have been following his work for a number of years and his style has rubbed off on me a little bit for a recent poster I did for the local AmDram group.

Look Whos talking poster


Anyway, just Before Gallifrey this year I decided to get a phone case for my trusty Samsung Galaxy S3 and found an unauthorised UN Jon Pinto design. I mailed him and told him about it. He asked me if I wanted a print  – Of course I said yes! and sent him my address thinking nothing more of it.

Well, guess what turned up inthe mail yesterday? not one but 3 signed prints !  I cant wait to get these bad boys framed and on the wall (probably in the new Titanium Bunker wing)

Jon Pinto Print 1 Jon Pinto Print 2 Jon Pinto Print 3


If you’re reading this Jon, Thanks so very much . We here at the bunker deeply appreciate this. and if you haven’t already stopped  by the site (and why haven’t you?) then click this link right away. your eyes will love you for it!

Jon Pinto




Dr Who Companion App

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For the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, I thought I might have a go at writing a Doctor Who app for Android.  My plan is to write something that will provide useful information to viewers watching Doctor Who episodes using the microphone to capture a audio fingerprint of the current episode, and use that to identify and provide episode information and trivia.

I started examining what would be needed to make a usable interface.  Primarily to look at the development tools, and also to try to figure out a strategy regarding art assets.  The big challenge is that Android supports multiple screen sizes, at multiple resolution densities.  This makes a “design and forget” approach to development difficult.  Using ADT it is possible to see how the screens will look in most devices – the following screen shots were taken from my Motorolla Defy mini.  Hopefully, once Dave has had a look, it should start to be a bit better as an application.

Read more..

What HMV? Don’t you want my money?

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UNIT Files ( image courtesy of Tardis Wikia)


Had to venture out of the bunker this week to get A copy of Doctor Who: U.N.I.T Files . as the Android Invasion will be covered as part of the live Hoo on Who recording at Gallifrey . and I had to get watched and caught up in only a few days.
I asked the assistant at HMV if they had it in stock. One quick check on their computerised stock sytem told me that they had one. 20 minutes of searching later and it wasnt there .

“Oh well,” said the assistant, “We don’t seem to have it in stock. Sorry about that”
So I went downstairs and asked the Manager. Again a 20 minute wait before :
“Sorry we don’t have it in stock”
Neither the assistant, or the manager offered to order it in for me. and as I said to the manager as I left.
“oh well , In which case I will have to order it on line. Looks like you missed a sale there”
Today what’s turned up in the post? U.N.I.T Files. from Amazon.

And that’s one of the myriad reasons why HMV is basically marking time untill the whole chain collapses. No concept of helping customers access the content they are looking for. No attempt to secure the sale or even attempt some kind of customer service. Within 24 hours I had the DVD delivered from another part of the country

cool posts from digital spy…

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When I got back to the bunker last night, Rach had found a cool post about Sliding Hoffman who knitted all the doctors and a Tardis.

read the original article here

Or go to Alison’s site here

Time Lord Regeneration thoughts.

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Just watching Dr Who – Eleventh hour. Just had a thought… That bit where Anette Crosby was exclaiming “it’s you, you’re the raggedy doctor”… and I thought – yup… That makes sense – after all he did just regenerate, and all that regeneration energy burned up the interior of a type 40 capsule…

Despite all the destruction in the console, somehow all his clothes seemed fine – despite the fact that his whole body appears to be giving off that energy…

Here’s River’s regeneration from Let’s kill Hitler.


River's regeneration in 'Let's kill Hitler'

River’s regeneration in ‘Let’s kill Hitler’

Note how her arms are glowing suggesting that her whole body is emanating regeneration energy.  So if that level of energy can destroy a TARDIS console, room – shouldn’t it be destroying their clothes?  Come on Moffat – let’s have some realism in regenerations 😉 – Surely a Time Lord  / Lady should be naked when they regenerate1.

1 I understand that the damage to the Doctor’s clothes was probably due to the remodelling of the TARDIS, but why didn’t the TARDIS get remodelled when the 9th Doctor regenerated into the 10th Doctor2?

2 I also understand that there’s a special almost psychic bond between Time Lord and TARDIS, and this might go some way to explain the destruction that occurs (but shouldn’t it happen every time?)

BBC News – Dr Who’s sonic screwdriver ‘invented’ at Dundee University

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Dalek related headline in yesterday’s Shropshire Star.

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The Shropshire Star article is here