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I know I’m probably too old… but

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I really like this song  — Be aware there are some swears in this content.

It’s a great song.

Now some may say “Hey – Mike …  Aren’t you a little old for this sort of angsty shouty stuff”. And you’d probably be right.  Personally I think I have a good mix between the shouty and cool.  I’ve recently started getting into cool jazz – I got Time Out and I have even tried some John Coltrane – some of it’s cool,  but I just don’t get some of it.

Anyway I sat here at the laptop, having just fixed the FilmFixer script, and thought “I’ll see what’s cookin’ in the digital amazon music store”.  I racked my brains trying to remember pierce the veil – All i could remember was that it was a bank job music video.  Eventually I found the video and had a look at amazon to see what deals they had.

I dug around and found The war of the worlds – the original 1938 broadcast staring Orson Welles for £0.99, and I eventually found the album that featured King for a day.

The MP3 Album is  £7.49 – or I can buy the CD – which has a free mp3 version of the album for £4.99 – which I would have straight away.  Even with the packaging and postage – that would come to £6.48 – still cheaper than buying the MP3 album.

CD as found in the CD store

Go looking for Pierce the Veil in the Amazon CD store, and you can buy the album for £8.60

CD as discovered in Digital Music

Find the same album in the MP3 music store, and you can buy the CD for £4.99

Orders over £10 get free delivery, so by adding something else i needed, I was able to buy the album for £4.99.  I decided that, as I have much more music these days, that I’d get a larger SD card for my phone, as the 8GB I have at the moment is full, and I hardly have any music on it at the moment.
And the Auto rip was available right away 🙂


updates on debsplorer

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Well – a while back I was looking at how I could extend the hosting of deb files onto a word press site.  My idea was to create a plugin that would allow the server to automatically extract the latest version of a file stored in a deb file.  The idea was that if you were an author, publishing your book, that you publish you book once – to launchpad, and access the binary e-pub file from you word press website.

I’ve been working on the plugin off and on, and today I am sorry to say that I’ve not made much progress on it.  The plugin currently pulls back the latest deb file – from an address you specify in the short code, and I can create a copy of that file.  Deb files are Unix .ar files under the covers, and unfortunately I have been unable to extract specific files from the archive using php.

So it looks for the immediate term that the ability to link your published e-book to your word press site isn’t going to be possible – unless anyone out there can offer any guidance?

I am not disheartened – perhaps I need to look at other options for publishing you book from launchpad to your website, but for the moment debsplorer will have to remain incomplete.

New swag from Jon Pinto!!!!

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Those of you that know me, know that one of my favourite illustrators is Jon Pinto. I have been following his work for a number of years and his style has rubbed off on me a little bit for a recent poster I did for the local AmDram group.

Look Whos talking poster


Anyway, just Before Gallifrey this year I decided to get a phone case for my trusty Samsung Galaxy S3 and found an unauthorised UN Jon Pinto design. I mailed him and told him about it. He asked me if I wanted a print  – Of course I said yes! and sent him my address thinking nothing more of it.

Well, guess what turned up inthe mail yesterday? not one but 3 signed prints !  I cant wait to get these bad boys framed and on the wall (probably in the new Titanium Bunker wing)

Jon Pinto Print 1 Jon Pinto Print 2 Jon Pinto Print 3


If you’re reading this Jon, Thanks so very much . We here at the bunker deeply appreciate this. and if you haven’t already stopped  by the site (and why haven’t you?) then click this link right away. your eyes will love you for it!

Jon Pinto




The Empire’s “May the Fourth Be With You” attack ad

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The epidemic starts here?

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Me and Rachel are at the hospital for blood tests, they have one of those ‘now serving’ machines. Her ticket is 0. So would that make he patient zero?


Spoofing SMS originators.

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I received a text message on my phone just before 11pm on Saturday night.  Here’s what it said:

Hi Mate Im still out in town, Just got £1000 in my account from these guys: www.xxxxxx.co.uk

The originating number turned out to be un-responsive so I decided to fire off a quick email to xxxxxx.co.uk.  Here’s what I sent them.

I think I had an SMS from yourselves over the weekend – I tried calling the number but I was told that the number was not a valid number – so I’m a little confused here…

You see it looks to me like you (or your agents) spoofed a mobile number : +44xxxxxxxxxx, and I was wondering the legality of such a move – which I’m sure your crack team of lawyers have also looked into :
I had a quick look over the Information Commissioner’s website – here
and I thought this was an interesting section :

Are these messages illegal?

The messages appear to breach the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations because they are being sent to individuals without prior consent and without identifying the sender. The messages also appear to breach other legislation and codes of practice.


Here’s what your message actually says :
Hi Mate Im still out in town, Just got £1000 in my account from these guys: www.xxxxxx.co.uk
The only ‘sender’ is a mobile phone number – which doesn’t work.
Can you confirm that you (or your agents) did indeed send out these illegal SMS messages?
Can you confirm how you obtained my number – I’m going to guess that you probably have my name and other details along with that mobile number.


It will be interesting to see how this progresses.

Moving house

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Myself and Rachel are currently in the process of selling / buying our current / next house (you get the idea).  And because I can’t stand a boring life, I’ve also handed my notice in with my employers to begina new challenge for a different company.


So updates have and will be sporadic – mainly when I’m not painting something, or stressing about the new job.  There’s plenty to do (loads of things to paint and make pretty) and as always, never enough time to do them in.

Hopefully the new abode should have a slightly better office and access to the bunker than I currently have – which will be great.

Cookie requirements

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The EU Cookie directive comes into force today – so happy cookie day to all. The ICO have issued a guideline document for website owners detailing strategies for dealing with the cookie directive.  Now – I’m sure that I am being thick, but I’m struggling here :


The directives talk a lot about the requirements with regard to consumers, but I wasn’t sure were we stood…

  • We’re based in the UK
  • Running a .COM website
  • Hosted in the States

so – are we affected?  Would this also apply to US based .COM sites accessed from the EU?

We decided not to take the risk – and have therefore implemented a cookie control to ensure we are compliant, and will be implementing the same control onto all of our sub domains.

Win Raffles at Am Dram? Simples!

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New Game from Titanium Bunker

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Saturday in Town I read that Paul Daniels Had to have 2 fingers reattached following a DIY accident.  You can read  more about it here:

As we have already  made one game about Paul Daniels,  Puppet Pizza Potshot Challenge, it seemed only right that we make a new game based on this event.

As such here is our latest game: Give ’em the finger

Everyone here in the Bunker would like to wish Paul a speedy recovery




Give 'Em the Finger
Give 'Em the Finger
4.1 MiB