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Jenkins Build Services for making films

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Screenshot from Jenkins showing the Chuck Norris plugin.

Chuck Norris is watching you build code – careful now!

For the last few days, I have been playing with the Jenkins Continuous Integration server and python, and I have reached the following conclusion: Writing python code without an effective IDE makes the job of software development harder than it needs to be.  I’ve been developing a lot on Ubuntu as well lately, so I’ve found the joy that is Wingware IDE

So – I think a bit of a recap is in order.

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The Nostradamus Awards 2015

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Well it’s that time of year again, when we try to act all enthusiastic about a new year, make numbers resolutions to join a gym and try to get fit ( i give 3 months!) and where we here in the bunker take a second to reflect on the year that was, and see which of us predicted the most er stuff.

So let’s go through the predictions shall we?

Dave’s predictions:
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Snail Tales – Building an Animatic on Azure

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In the previous post I talked about setting up Jenkins – I have also been able to apply the same instructions to an Azure hosted linux sever.

The instructions are identical – except that the ports need to be connected

Configure ports for Jenkins

Configure ports for Jenkins

Using the endpoint configuration I was able to map the 8080 to port 80.  I needed to set up the security so that anonymous users could see the job status but would be unable to run or add jobs.
I create a user and set up the security like this :
Configure Jenkins security

Configure Jenkins security

Snail Tales – Building an Animatic

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I’m going to start this blog post by saying : I’m not an animator.  I know nothing about animation.  Well that’s not strictly true – I did learn something about animation from this tutorial video :

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Hey there @cineworld – what’s the deal with your 3D glasses?

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Rach has decided that she wants to see Godzilla sooo badly. So I proceeded to book the tickets.  She wants the full atomic monster city smashing rampage action, so I have booked us tickets to see it in IMAX, Birmignham.  This screenshot from the cineworld site shows information about booking to see Godzilla.

Booking Godzilla at Cineworld

Booking Godzilla at Cineworld

The screenshot here is pretty small – the important line is this :

PrePurchase - glasses included

PrePurchase – glasses included

Your selected screening is IMAX with Standard seating.

This is an IMAX 3D performance, glasses will be provided free of charge at the cinema.

Please amend your options from the menu above if you would like a different performance.

So imagine my surprise when post purchase I saw this :

Post Purchase - what I have to pay for glasses now ?!?

Post Purchase – what I have to pay for glasses now ?!?

Aparently glasses are now not included

Aparently glasses are now not included

Ticket prices for 3D performances do not include the cost of the 3D glasses. You can buy your glasses separately at the cinema and keep them.


erm – gee thanks Cineworld – I’m so happy that I get to keep something I paid for – but this subtle changing of the offer between pre and post payment looks suspiciously bait-and-switch like.  Perhaps it’s error on the confirmation page – but I’d be interest to hear from @Cineworld about their thoughts about this.



UPDATE: – Cineworld responded to this post

The Empire’s “May the Fourth Be With You” attack ad

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What’s up Pilgrim?

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Just got back from the cinema having just watched Scott Pilgrim vs the world.  At first it was scary to be outside the comfortable walls of the bunker.  The open air, flashing lights and leagues of people were overwhelming, but soon the quiet dark of the theatre was comforting – sitting illuminated by a single screen made me feel at home.

The movie is like an old friend – familiar villains, fantastic story… wonderful special effects…

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