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Lloyds Bank error in the wild

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A subtle error in the wild

I popped onto the Lloyds Bank site to download a form relating to a future change of address and I spotted this issue…. Can you see it?…  So I reckon some people are probably having a bit of a knowing chuckle while the rest are probably scratching their heads and wondering what all the fuss was about.

I’ve highlighted the error in yellow – and here’s a close up

Please wait…If this message is not eventually replaced by the proper contents of the document, your PDF viewer may not…. what? be working?

 Ok – so what’s going on here?

Lloyds would seem to have a library of PDF documents.  These seem to be in 2 different version of the PDF standard.  The first line of a PDF document contains the version number – which suggests that it’s version 1.7

Failing PDF

Whereas a working document from the site seems to be in version 1.4

Extract from a working document – PDF 1.4

Loading a version 1.7 document into Chrome gives us this :

Which looks surprisingly similar to the content extract Lloyds presented on their search screen.  So it seems that the PDF file content is indexed using a PDF viewer, and rather than indexing the real content of these documents, it has used this incompatibility message as the description for the PDF content.  We can further confirm this by searching for words from this document that are unlikely to appear in typical banking systems – so searching for the term “Linux” gives 12 results, all of which feature the first part of the Linux sentence.


Searching for “Please Wait” gives 126 documents that are equally badly indexed – some don’t even have a document title.

Ok – hands up who knows what document 1721 is all about? Any ideas?

As to why some have titles and some don’t I would have to guess that documents are uploaded through some form of content management system – and that these document may originally been in an older version of PDF (say – 1.4). These documents have since been updated – possibly with new interactive form filling features, and been re-indexed. The indexing system uses a version of PDF viewing which doesn’t support version 1.7 – and therefore indexes the incompatibility message as if it were document content (after all the viewer wouldn’t know whether it is showing content, or a message).

Other documents may have been created in a newer version of PDF, and the title attributes may not have been accessible when the document was indexed.

Update – I’ve tweeted this bug information to Lloyds.

Null null available for my tumble dryer from @espares

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Espares has a Null null. for my tumble dryer… It may be Null, but it costs 6.75

And here’s the details for this Null.

Three Network’s knowledge server is down…

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Knowledge server down...

Knowledge server down…

Other companies might call them web servers… not Three.

Follow up : Found the bug with our theme

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Posting on all the networks

Posting on all the networks

So… Assuming I’ve not broken anything else – then this should be posting everywhere. For those that are interested, the issue appeared to be that the theme we were using was calling wp_head twice.

@Amazon help page

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Lorem Ipsum is an option in Amazon Help

Lorem Ipsum is an option in Amazon Help

So now the Amazon Help page here has 2 menu options in the left hand menu for “Lorem Ipsum”…

IP Phone error message in the wild

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A friend of mine, sent me this picture while he was on holiday.  All the way from Dubai :

IP Phone error in Dubai

IP Phone error in Dubai

Thanks Adeem!

Contacting Creta Marine Hotel (Iberostar)

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I sent an email to Iberostar Hotels about the issues that I expereicned using their internet kisosk at the Creta Marine Hotel.


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Bletchley Park : Security and Secrecy zone update

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I emailed Bletchley Park following my visit, and advised of some issues i had found when visiting the Security and secrecy exhibition.

I received the following the following email this morning.

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We have a reader!

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That’s right – you read that right… We


I received an email from a reader –

Hi Mike,

I got an issue with my bought on O’Reilly books’ reading in Amazon Cloud Reader.
When I was searching Google for solution I found your post on “http://titaniumbunker.com/?p=2707”.

I read your discussion with Amazon support team and carefully tried to apply their suggestion. As result I could load “*.azw” books to the app “Amazon reader for PC” that were bought outside the Kindle store as a MOBI format.

Sorry for this email. But if this info is still interesting for you, I made following steps to have a possibility to read the books:
1. I bought the books in MOBI format named “ng-book-25.mobi”.
2. I sent the book in MOBI format to my Kindle email. As result the book named “ng-book-25.azw” appeared in my Amazone Cloud Drive.
3. I Downloaded “ng-book-25.azw” from Amazone Cloud Drive to hard disk of computer.
4. I installed “Amazon reader for PC” and set the folder for local content in its menu “Tools | Options | Content” to my special local folder “D:\Documents\My Kindle Content”
5. I put downloaded “ng-book-25.azw” book to this folder and reopened the app.
6. The book appeared in the “Downloaded items…” root of the reader and available for reading.
7. I think you may put any other supported books’ formats directly into this folder as well.

Regarding Amazon Cloud Reader, it is possible to hold there only the books bought in Kindle Store. In this case such a book appears in Amazon Cloud Reader automatically.

Best regards,
Denis Levushkin

Wow – A real live human has read our (or part of) our blog.

I responded to Denis – and his comments are correct – you can upload a book from O’Reilly and get it into your kindle library, and into Amazon Reader for PC, and I have managed to get that to work.  So his instructions are 100% correct.  As a bonus, you can link your O’Reilly and kindle accounts, and get O’Reilly to send newly bought books directly into your Kindle Library.


Message from the Brig

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Well I’m writing this from the Titanium Bunker brig.  Conditions here are terrible wonderful, and I couldn’t be happier.  There’s practically no signal an opportunity for me to relax in wonderful surroundings and they only have strawberry Ice cream, and that’s like my 3rd favourite ice cream have a wonderful menu for me to try.  The security bods geniuses weren’t too happy that I was able to defeat the access control systems using a paperclip and some duct tape have been wonderful in working with me to see the error of my choices, and to further improve the access security controls.

Anyway I’ll write some more if I get chance, but I worry that my communications will be censored by the security team and I have no concerns that my communications are in anyway monitored of censored.